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Abacha Loot; Talk of Blessings in Disguise

You know, thinking through the whole issue about the Abacha loot and how that so far it has been coming through for the country at times of desperate needs, I couldn’t but just agree that there are definitely such things as blessings in disguise and this one here- Abacha loot is a capital example.

Abacha loot
Abacha loot released

The whole story reminded me of a lot of things, about hard fundamental truths of life. I will be sharing some of them here. So while some of them are directly linked to the Abacha loot, some were just me thinking aloud.

I hope they spark up something in you that brings about a change in how you take your decisions and run your days this new week.

1. The vanity of life is without measure; spend it doing worthwhile things

OK, that is cliché yea? But really think deeply about it. No matter how wealthy or poor, beautiful or otherwise we are, life really never hands us all that we deserve. We are always at that state of tussle and hustle for more.

More doesn’t guarantee happiness nor fulfillment in life. So beware of the way you esteem and prioritize things. Understand the things that should matter to you, and pay due attention to them.

Things like Money, comfort, Fame, and positions are sweet and all, but they really should not be your drive or your metric for determining success. Turn to things that are felt and not held, like the quality of life of the people within your reach, your own happiness, peace, relevance, and all.
These are better metrics for determining a well-spent life.

2. Now is all that matters; all you’ve got.

You see, maybe many of the things I’m saying are not new to you. Yea, I understand that we are a generation that knows too much but sadly does too little. So it’s okay, but understand that you are reading this now because you can still make something right.

So on this one, there’s no much to be said. Now is all you’ve got. Maybe there is a promise of tomorrow but today is all you see. Make it count as much as it can. Stop procrastinating, or doing that stuff that continuously empties today of all the feats it could have boasted of.

Get that haircut now, write that CV now, Go see your grandma already, send that apology letter now. Now is guaranteed tomorrow is only a promise.

3. You do not know what tomorrow holds, never judge tomorrow by what this second looks like.

Do not strip tomorrow of its beauties and surprises by paralyzing your today. Always stay lit up and hopeful, tomorrow might just be the day. Things change in a matter of seconds, turnarounds aren’t big deals once the time is right.

Just keep grinding, and grinding with finesse, hold up and stay bright, today is not a total mirror of tomorrow.

4. Mistakes might not be mistakes after all.

Hey miss-know-all, yea you, you must think that you know what tomorrow will look like and that this step you took was totally out of place a ‘mis-take.’

But really, what if it was meant to be?
What if it wasn’t a mistake after all?
It is funny how people expect so much perfection from life, from people, from themselves, their marriage, their job, and all.

You expect that all things should go well. But sorry darl, those would have worked in a world where idealism was a substantial ideology. But here, realism is a better arsenal. Be true to yourself and your circumstances.

You can ways tell yourself that nothing- ‘absolutely’ nothing is meant to be perfect or rosy.

The earlier you understood, the less entitled, heartbroken, bitter and frustrated you’ll be.

Life is hard when we decide to be stubborn with it, but guess what, it doesn’t stay hard for long. Keep at it, keep making pringles out of potatoes, keep winning life, soon you’ll look back over this very challenge.

5. Do not make assumptions for people.

If there is anything that makes life easier and people easier to deal with, it is the lack of grey areas in communication. Do not get caught up in that space where you have to think up what someone meant, or what she wasn’t saying. It is a dangerous place to be. Let words speak not action. Stop the art of reading unsaid words. It makes life easier.

6. Motive matters.

If there truly is a place called Heaven and hell does exist, Abacha will be punished for his loot even though we eventually got the money back.

Regardless of the turnout of actions, the motive behind it still judges the rightness or wrongness of your action. Search for the motive behind people’s actions towards you, it makes forgiveness easy, helps you to truly know the people to keep around and keep at length.

7. Karma is real!

Need I go on explaining how? No, I guess not. You should already know.

You most likely didn’t resonate with all my thoughts, but I hope you had a favorite, one that you’ll run your week and weeks beyond, living by.

Cheers to life; a life bigger than life itself.

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