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Add your friends! Hmm!!! I sighed a relief after ending the long conversation with my High School friend, a lady to be precise.

Add your friends
Add your friends on Social Media now

You can picture how the conversation went already, exactly what you are thinking, after asking about my welfare after seven years of High School, she proceeded to ask about my relationship status and my current level of education amongst others. But guess what?

That’s not the real gist until she lamented how she could not add up another mate of ours that we both graduated together from High School on Facebook. In her words, she recounted “I sent a friend request to him but I was told I couldn’t add him up anymore”, I knew the end of the story right from the beginning so I cut in “The truth is that, once someone reaches 5000 friends limit on Facebook, such a person can’t send/accept friend requests anymore, you can only follow him/her”. If that’s not enough reason to Add your friends now, I wonder what is.

Add your friends on Social Media now

Oh! I see, was her reply “I thought because he has now become a celebrity, that’s why people like us can not add him but only follow” she added.

After dropping that call, the question that kept ringing in my head was this “Why is she just sending the friend request now” because this is someone we’ve been classmates for an uninterrupted 6years, the two of them, as a matter of fact, were both Head Boy & Head Girl at JSS3 and had so many other things in common throughout High School ranging from Press Club to Great Achievers Club, are those occasions not enough to have added each other up back then?

Of a truth, the guy in question is an uprising hip hop artiste at this moment, a prominent one for that matter, the number one artiste in his University and undoubtedly in the hometown where we all went to High School and considering the level of relationship we shared and the perception of been “pompous” this lady had, I knew it was a wrong notion from the lady’s end.

Now back to you who’s reading this post, how many of your friends have you regarded as been “proud” “pompous” or “arrogant” because of your perception of their current status. Sometimes, you’re not always correct if you look very well before you leap.

The candid advice I have you is that “SEND THE FRIEND REQUEST NOW”. Now that your friend still has the ample opportunity to accept your request, now that you can have his/her contact without explanation, now that you have all windows of access, do it now because a time is coming when the status-quo will change for the better for both of you and you’ll need to reconnect at a higher level.

Take this as a bonus, you see that your friend that is into:
Students Politics
Or doing something exceptional beyond a lay student, hook them up now, not because you’ll be at their mercy in the future but because your NETWORK IS YOUR NETWORTH.

And let me franker with you, chances abound you’ll need his/her connection in the nearest future, so if you’re in the group of people that do say “I don’t need the help of any man” sorry for you, hope you know God will send men to bless, the choice is yours for you to make. A word is enough for the wise.

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Emmanuela D’a Muse

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