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Adunni Ade is Happier With Her Return Back to Islam


The popular Nigerian actress and single Mom have taken to the waves as she bares her little secret about her faith and religious belief.

Adunni Ade explained her journey through from Islam to Christianity and her sojourn back to Islam. For her, it was a big deal. She has always remained quiet on issues of her faith for a very long time. Yea, she saw it as being too much of a sensitive subject. Surprisingly, only a few days ago, she decided to hark her fears and go all out with the news of her religious choices.

She confessed to having started life out as a Muslim, being raised in a Muslim home. The free-spiritedness of her Muslim dad who believed and respected the choices of others must have been a big factor in her initial divorce from Islam. This being confirmed by the fact that she has a Christian Mom, Christian stepmom, Christian stepsisters, and Muslim stepbrothers. This diversity gave Adunni the platform needed to launch out in a quest for more.

Her journey of quest evidently didn’t result in so much as she has found her way back to her early love.

She stated that all along, Islam never really left her. And now she feels so at home and at peace with her decision to return to her practice of Islam.

Life is too short to get stuck on beliefs and views that you have no genuine connections with. It is okay to launch out and search. Be sure you are on a train because it is best for you.

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