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An Overnight Miracle; IK Ogbonna’s New Hairstyle

Ik Ogbonna, the popular Nollywood actor took to his official Instagram page to announce to his followers his change in look.

Ik Ogbonna's new hairstyle

In his post he made a declaration about God being good, as he woke up to see a miracle.

While his post didn’t directly mention that his hair was the miracle, it was clear enough! That was what it had to be. It was the only change in look that could have fit into his description of a ‘miracle.’

The way he went about his announcement must be the most hilarious thing I’ve heard all week.

IK Ogbonna who is known for his default bald hairstyle declared that he had experienced an overnight miracle as he woke up to the sight of hair on his head, hence his new hairstyle.

His announcement has sparked up a lot of reactions from fans. While some think that the new hairstyle sits pretty on him, most others went about jesting that he definitely had an implant, or was wearing a wig. Or most likely just had his barber run a manipulation on his hairstyle.

But regardless of comments and views, there is no denying the fact that his new look is stunning, and he is rocking it well.

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