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Article: Coronavirus – Impact on sports

Article: Coronavirus - Impact on sports | Free Surge Magazine

Coronavirus impact on Sports

Ever since the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in on November 17th, 2019 in Wuhan, China, the air-borne virus graduated from endemic to an epidemic and spread around the world graduating to a ravaging pandemic thus earning its name COVID-19.

Its impact wasn’t felt until this year 2020 and has seriously endangered the state of sports round the world. This has forced all competitions and tournaments to a halt and those that have been scheduled to hold have been postponed to other future and some unknown dates.

These measures were speedily taken to adhere to rules and regulations stated by the government of each country to save the lives of the fans and athletes.

For example the Women’s PGA Championship scheduled to hold from 25-28 June in Pennsylvania has been shifted to October while the German, Dutch, and Finnish MotoGP races scheduled to hold in June and July have been canceled. Also Football bodies have taken similar measures with the likes of Ligue-1 and Ligue-2 calling off their season until September. Although the likes of England, Germany, Spain, and Italy are among the nations whose football league bodies have held up their heads still hoping to continue the season with playing behind closed doors their likely resolve. Meanwhile in athletics, the Diamond League meeting has been postponed while the European Athletics Championship scheduled to go down in Paris from August 25-30 is canceled.

Off the action, various sport organizations are trying to avoid a possible economic crisis with season-long contractual deals reading without making a dime. Several football clubs have proposed to make their players take pay-cuts to avoid falling in huge debts.

We all hope the ravaging pandemic’s fire is put out. As we all wait for the moment when all sporting events will return, when we can all enjoy the sensations the various sports bring us, let us all stay safe to save lives

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