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Articles: Nigerian Youths in 2023 Election

Liverpool title-winning bid and the COVID-19 Challenge a critical look at the preparedness of the Nigerian youths leading into 2023 Elections.

Articles: Nigerian Youths in 2023 Election | Free Surge Magazine
Liverpool FC Triump at the FIFA Club World Club

As the world battles with the COVID-19 pandemic, we must turn out gaze to a not too distant past and a foreseeable future to fully appreciate the strides made, the sacrifices, and the possible outcomes.

The average Nigerian youths is a fan of football especially that of the English premier league that saw Perennial title challengers Liverpool FC rake up a 25 point lead in the most competitive league on earth and looked set to win the premier league title for the first time in 30 years. But alas COVID-19 and the suspension of the league as it stands with the possibility of cancellation of what would have been a historical moment in Liverpool Fans looms threateningly.

I am positive that in 3 years the Nigerian Youths would score a lot of political victories.

The year 2019 for Nigeria and by extension 2020 especially as it affects the youth and young people actively involved in politics did not come without its fair share of drama, the enigmatic minds of all young candidates in the Presidential elections, and the ensuing drama of Omoyele Sowore, to young people becoming members and principal officers of various State houses of assembly, winning Ekiti State IPAC Chairmanship election who was the youngest party chairman to win it. Thereby becoming a member of the Ipac executive at state and national levels with a lot of young people getting appointments within IPAC and at various state and federal levels, to the deregistration of political parties by INEC thus reducing the number of political parties from 92 to 18, the subsequent appointment of young people in Cross River State by the executive Governor Ben Ayade which included Young state Chairmen of political parties, etc.

What is striking in similarities between Liverpool FC and the youths active in Nigerian politics is the high level of dedication and the obvious lack of a star-studded team, but rather individual players with high quality and a common focus. Young people in the Nigerian political sphere are not as popular nor do they have as many resources as the stars of the political scene but be sure that in 2023 with the massive amount of individual strides and minor victories won daily, with both sets of teams adopting a gengen pressing style of approach as you see young vibrant Nigerians man-marking established names in the political sphere for relevance, however with the suspension of the premier league we may never get to see Liverpool FC winning the league and it may end up being a season of what if, but take nothing away from the side that pushed Manchester city a star-studded team to the end last season, winning the Champions League and also the world club cup, UEFA super cup, FA Community Shield.
Liverpool FC and the Nigerian youths have something in common and it’s been shown in multiple ways and expressions that the Nigerian youths can become the best and drive our country forward with dedication and team spirit, towards achieving a common goal eradication of poverty, raising the standard and quality of living, improved life expectancy and with the provision of leadership and direction.

2023 general elections may be 3 years away but just like Jurgen Klopp said in his first interview that in 4 years they (Liverpool FC) would win something, I am positive that in 3 years the youth and young people would score a lot of political victories.

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