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BBNaija’s Khafi reveals she was raped

Khafi Kareem, Bbnaija’s Khafi, took to twitter to join the rape trend as she shares her experience of rape too. She explained how she got raped and why she never reported the case.

Khafi explained that her rapist admitted to the crime immediately he was done and she forgave him, making his being drunk an excuse for him. She also revealed that she opened up to someone about the rape incident, but got blamed for getting raped.

Bbnaija Khafi Kareem was raped

Here is her tweet:

‘#WhyIDidntReport – because he apologised right after. Because I made myself believe him being drunk was an excuse. Because the one person I did tell said I caused it. Because I felt dirty and ashamed. #WeAreTired.’

‘Yes, this did happen to me. I’m sharing in the hope that others will feel no shame in sharing what happened to them. Please don’t deflect or say it is not my story when it was already hard enough sharing it.’

With each passing day, more women are speaking up and admitting to rape experiences. It is quite alarming how deeply this vice has eaten into our society.

While we lend our voices as much as we can, we can’t but hope that this marks a stop to the rape culture that our society has battled with for so long.

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