Coronavirus in Senegal- A case study for African countries.

Don’t you think there is something peculiar about the trend of the coronavirus pandemic in Senegal? On the 2nd March 2020, about two months ago, Senegal recorded its first case of the virus and now has only 736 Coronavirus Cases, 9 deaths, and 284 recoveries.

Senegal has maintained a well-coordinated approach to combating the spread of the coronavirus. The country didn’t record its first death until about a month after the first case of the virus. This is not to mention its recent invention of the $1 COVID-19 test kit.

With all these feats, I think they run a model that other African countries can glean from. They have since the 22nd of April stepped down their total lockdown measure and have adopted a less stringent measure- curfew. They have maintained the use of curfew alongside the compulsory use of facemasks in public places.

The pros of this is that the economy of the country can now bounce back to life with people going about their normal activity.

African countries like Nigeria should also come up with measures that will suit perfectly the people and economy of the country. With a backlash in the fall of oil prices and loss of money from the series of fire guts in key public offices, in Nigeria, it’s time Nigeria woke up to the harsh realities of these times and what the nearest future might bring.

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