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COVID-19, Work From Home

There is no contesting the fact that although the 2019 Coronavirus pandemic is a health based challenge, it has had far-reaching effects in major structures and systems of life. The disease has caused sudden weighty disruptions in social, economic, political, educational and even corporate working systems.

As with work structures now, work from home seems like the new best thing. Everyone is on their toes. While employees are working out ways to make extra money during the compulsory world break, future-oriented companies are also working out viable structural plans to incorporate quite a number of virtual and remote positions, as the need to have every employee on-site has evidently become unnecessary.

So while all of this sounds so exciting, new, and somewhat relieving, I’m sorry to have to break it to you that it might not necessarily be the lesser evil of both options. Without proper strategic planning, the system might not turn out well for most companies and even individual workers.

I won’t bother you with the necessity of planning, but below i’ve made a list of some must-dos for remote workers. This should help you make the best of the structure.

COVID-19, Work From Home | Free Surge Magazine
  • First, always have a plan.

There is no better time to stay true to a to-do list than now. Before the start of each day, list out your tasks and deliverables. This will give you room for increased productivity, better work-life balance, and a way to track your productivity level.

Another awesome part of having a plan is that you can make out time for other things. Don’t be deceived, working from home can be really exciting until you have the kitchen razing with fire from burnt food, or friends who feel like you have all the time in the world but can’t make out time for them.

The crux of this is that work from home is lousy. It doesn’t get as sweet as it looks, and it can easily get you off balance into a world of no order, impulsive actions and loneliness.

  • Secondly, go on breaks.

It gets tiring when you just stare at your computer system or the piece you are working on, with all of the ideas and thoughts running through your head for too long hours.

Take a ten minute break within the interval of every two hours. As diminishing returns hit productivity, given our short-lived attention span, refuel with regular breaks.

  • Do not Skip meals.

I guess that wasn’t loud enough. This is one very important point to note and shouldn’t be made lightly of. It is very easy to stay glued to work, especially when work is fun. Trying to hit a deadline is always the thing with work-from-home jobs.

While it is important to stay responsible and accountable for work-related responsibilities, ensure you do not run into a habit of missing meals consistently. Stay healthy and strong, do not skip meals.

  • Have a work space.

May I remind you that work from home doesn’t mean work from bed. Get yourself a work space with comfortable sitting position and little or no distraction.

  • Reach out more:

While working from home, it is very easy to lose touch with the ones you love, you are now so engrossed with the world you see- work. Make deliberate efforts at reaching out, or you’ll get on the fast lane to isolation.

  • Allow distractions.

Yes, make plans for distractions too. It could be a planned hangout with the boys, evening on the field, a musical show or just anything to break the rhythm. It gets boring and monotonous working from home. The major way out is planning fun activities to reduce the effect of work.

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