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Cynthia Morgan And Jude Okoye -Jude Okoye Explains His Fall-out With Cynthia Morgan

On Cynthia Morgan and ajude Okoye’s fallout, Jude Okoye, the founder of the square music label, brother to the defunct duo, P-Square has replied Cynthia Morgan’s claims against him.

He explained during an Instagram live video session with Tunde Ednut his own side to the narrative. He said that he never did all the things that Cynthia Morgan accused him of. The only accusation he confirmed to be true was the seizure of her VEVO account which was so he could recover the N40million he had invested in her career, as he claimed that he spent 40 million naira on Cynthia Morgan’s career during the period that they were together.

In his response to Morgan’s account of the ‘Cynthia Morgan and Jude okoye fallout’ He revealed that she had changed her name to ‘Madrina’ even before her contract with the record label went south. Jude okoye explained that in the contract with him, there was no clause stating the fact that she had to drop her name if the contract ever got to end. In his words, he said;

Cynthia Morgan and Jude Okoye

“I don’t understand, if she has a contract where it is stated like that, she should bring it so we can see. “The one I have here is not different. How can I hold her name, which court can grant it?

“I have never for once told CYNTHIA MORGAN that she cannot use her name.
“I had no power to take that name, it is physically impossible to do that. Also, I didn’t chase her with a court injunction.

“Before she left, she wanted to change her name to Madrina, saying it means ‘Godmother of entertainment’. I only advised against it.

Asides her name, he also denied taking her Instagram and Twitter account.
“You want to do things on your own because you think you can do things on your own, then you fail and you want to put the blame on me.

“Two years after she left the label, her social media accounts were still hers, she was still going on shows behind me and she still wants to blame me for her failure.

“If she puts the blame on me, would that make her rise again?

“What exactly did I do wrong? I shouldn’t have let her go when she left? Her contract didn’t expire before she left but I let her go.

“I shot 13 videos, each worth N3M. I had to recover the money spent on her, so hence, I took over her VEVO account because if I don’t do so, I wouldn’t be able to get back my money.”

Jude Okoye has tried to clear his name off the bad PR that the ‘Cynthia Morgan and Jude Okoye fallout’ has brought him, but people seem to have bought Cynthia Morgan’s story too far to start reasoning along with Jude okoye’s claims. The fact that she is not the first artiste under his record label to come after him as he had the likes of Peter Okoye his own brother and May D has shown to a large extent the fact that there’s something fishy about Jude.

Cynthia Morgan now ‘Madrina’ has been getting massive support and love over the ‘Cynthia Morgan and Jude Okoye fallout’. As a matter of fact, her bounce back seems very soon, and Nigerians cannot just wait.

Davido has offered to help while asking for a collaboration with the artiste. A GoFundMe account has been opened for her and Sterling Bank has offered her endorsement and a place on their “One Team Bank” project.

Sterling bank supports Cynthia Morgan

The German juice singer will hit the Nigerian music industry soon!!

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