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Deelah’s Diary: Abortion, Childbirth and Doctor Kunle

Gosh! My heartbeat skipped a beat when his mom told my mom to allow me to go for an abortion! You can imagine the shock on my mom’s face. I can imagine the trillion thoughts going through her mind, ‘how did deelah meet this boy? What sort of mother is this? She couldn’t just believe her ears and said.., thank you so much, mama Mike, I will surely get back to you.’

Deelah Diary Abortion

My mom got back in the car and gave me a look, you know that kind of look a Yoruba mom would give you when something is really wrong! I was angry too but at the same time I wanted an abortion just to get it off my mind and let me get back to being myself but sometimes when we want it our way, God just overrules. If you are just joining us, CLICK HERE to read the first page of Deelah’s Diary.

‘Deelah, you need to be having sex on a regular basis so that the passage will be wide enough when the baby is about to be born.’ 

Deelah’s Diary: Abortion

I took my time to visit the antenatal clinic every two weeks and one of those days, the Dr. called me and said, ‘Deelah, you need to be having sex on a regular basis so that the passage will be wide enough when the baby is about to be born.’ At first I went dumb because who was I to have sex with? Was it Mike that denied me? I quickly got myself back and responded ok.

Before I got home, I put a call through to him to try and see me. Mike only came once and that was the only time I had sex with him and with force too because he felt my tummy was too big for him to do what he was supposed to do.

Deelah's Diary: Abortion, Childbirth and Doctor Kunle | Free Surge Magazine
Deelah’s Diary: Abortion

‘…ohhhh, hmmm, yes baby, oh I love you, Mike, yeahhhhh’ Those words rang in my head going back to the days we had so much sex without being forced! Mike always came to my school to be with me, cooked for me, washed with me. Sex wasn’t an issue for a second! We locked ourselves up for weekends just having sex and now it felt so difficult, his sweet potato!

Those days were beautiful! The day I delivered my baby was wonderful not because I was in a lot of pains, I was in labor for hours 😭 and I thought I would not be able to see him, I was so tired! I didn’t dilate on time because the doctors were just dipping their fingers in and out and it annoyed me. I was being wheeled into the theatre for a caesarian cut when I felt water dropping, then I was returned to the delivery room.

Indeed God is wonderful. My mouth was filled with prayers and songs of praise while in pains but I had a choice of cursing Mike for all the pains but why curse him? Was I blind when we were having unprotected sex? Yoruba says, ‘eniti o ba ready, kii redi.’ meaning if you are not ready, don’t do it!

Hmm another thing that happened way before all this, my dad said I must marry him so I don’t have a child out of wedlock! We had a heated argument but he won and had to tell Mike who again refused! We did but none of his family members were there. Omo, all was just based on lies! I carried my baby, cried as I just thanked God for a life given to me.

God was faithful, my parents and siblings were so supportive. To my surprise, he came to see me in the hospital and even came for the naming with his mom’s family. Richard, my lovely son clocked one. Did I hear you say what about Mike? Hmm Mike ke? Biko some things are better left unsaid…

After some months, I met Kunle, a promising young man who as at that time was rounding off school to be a medical doctor. Don’t forget I was just an NCE holder! We were good together until something happened…

Written by Yetunde Deelah Adebayo


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    May 4, 2020 at 4:28 pm

    Hmmm, why do I think Kunle has nothing good to offer? They are usually fuckboys..but let me keep my hands crossed till next week sha.

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    Olaide Bakare Omotayo
    May 5, 2020 at 7:25 pm

    Hmmmmm……..Mike and his mum. Can’t wait to read the next Page please.

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    Abimbola Adebayo
    May 5, 2020 at 9:29 pm

    Some men don’t realize the havoc they can cause with their ……….

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