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Deelah’s Diary: Marriage and Issues

Deelah Diary Marriage and Issues: Hey guys, hope you are all staying safe o, I heard Baba Risi that died, it was COVID-19 o, be careful out there, even Peperito of Lagos and Dan Foster too. We need to be more careful than ever now. God bless you all, Let me gist you about my Marriage… If I knew I wouldn’t have gotten married to him.
Deelah Diary The Rejection
Deelah Diary Marriage and Issues

I was neglected and starved too. He cared less about how I felt and I played along. All he said were based on lies! He was transferred to Ilorin and it was hard to see him, as if that wasn’t enough he didn’t want me to visit. All the while he was having the romance of his life with his girlfriend though I didn’t know till I got to Ilorin. Have you ever seen a python? Yorubas says, ‘ ibi ti oka bawa lounje e ma nba’ meaning where python coils up, na there hin food go go meet am!

It was a rough journey as he was giving me directions. I got in and he wasn’t so excited set, I settled in and tried to get myself something to eat when this young girl came to greet me and asked if I was Mike’s girlfriend, for some seconds, I was dumbfounded and changed the topic, offered her biscuits so she could say more. She told me too much that I never thought I could hear…

He got back late and noticed his wedding ring wasn’t there, I asked him and said he lost it… Then he said ehn someone stole it, I was about asking again when he cuts in and said the woman that washes his clothes stole it. I said Then, why didn’t you ask her for it? Didn’t she come back? He just said ehn maybe she needed it that he would get another one, like seriously. I was shocked at his response and matched kemi’s gist,I mean the little girl. Well, I sucked it in like I haven’t heard all that’s been going on and waited for uncle Jamie to jam me and send me to Dreamland, my people, I foul o.

Deelah Diary Marriage and Issues

He just snored away! Why won’t he be tired? Aunty Yinka was around for the weekend. Ahhhh I cried my eyes out because I felt why would I be treated like that? What did I ever do to Mike? I told myself I won’t do what I did but with what I heard and saw, but still sucked it in and found succor with the neighbors, Kemi my little friend was always available because she stopped school after her primary education. This was open cheating right in my face and I couldn’t do jack!

He won’t even go out with me and when he finally agreed, it had to be a night walk so none will see us together but it made me check and rechecked myself so much that I thought I wasn’t beautiful or attractive or presentable enough for him because I couldn’t just place it, why did he marry me when he knew he would treat me this way? I later found out one day when he was drunk… He said he came back because I have a kid for him bla bla, I fell into depression!

Well back to Ilorin trip, he couldn’t wait for me to leave, why did I say so? Yinka called one day while I was in the toilet, he thought I was outside with Kemi as usual but I eavesdropped and all I could hear were his responses… No ooo she’s still around, don’t worry just be patient with me dear, you know I miss you, ok bye, love you too…. Hmmm another phone conversation with another lady!  Before I left, I made sure I had sex with him and expressed my hurt, told him all he did and how he makes me feel, he responded, ‘ how do you expect me to cope here?’ but I told you I could follow you anywhere and you said No , so why this question, he hissed and slept.

I got up so early, packed up the night before. It was a mad week! He saw me off to the park and the only time he smiled of course he’s getting back to his girlfriends arms. Back to base and all I could think of was… What next? My late mom couldn’t get the words out of me,I wasn’t ready to break down but I was feeling dead!!! Sincerely I’m not a perfect person because yoruba will say, ‘akii gbo apakan, da apakan si’ meaning you cant judge by ones report, the other person too must have something to  say… True but I tried getting the words out and all he said was I dey proud, egbami… Pride? With all I went through with Mike, he didnt see anything wrong in being irresponsible, insensitive, cruel and a liar!!!

Like I said,I am not perfect. I need to rest now,it’s 2am o! I have a rendition to prepare for. Take care guys and don’t forget to leave your comments and share…loads of love from DEELAH

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