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Deelah’s Diary: School Life Reminisce

Friends are hard to find walahi! To think someone like Ayomide could betray me upon all I did to save her head. I staged a perfect lie for the fool and all I got was insults and even went on telling lies about what I didn’t do, gosh, na wah o! 

Deelah Diary The Rejection
Deelah’s Diary: Diary of A Single Mom

Hmm when I think about what I have done for people ehn, I just wanna turn back the hands of time and not stress myself at all🤨 betrayal at its peak! Now I miss my Mother, she’s late but still feels like she’s close by. My late mom was my bestie & confidant, well after I got married. But before then, flashback to my school days, I met some really cool guys and babes, especially Eniola and Kemi. The way we connected ehn still baffles me till date because I wasn’t the type their parents would see and say come.

Deelah Diary School Life Reminisce

I was wild and coded, quiet but crazier when I’m with my goons. They were roscos but blended well with my lifestyle, I called myself wild rose. They managed me well and I love them so much, we are still very much in touch, I made sure they moved into campus just to experience what goes down there every night and they just acted normal. No guy dared get close to them, because Aunty Deelah dey especially Eniola o! Ahhh the way I carry her for head self, like she be my blood but that’s me once I love, na 100%!

Na me be dem watch girl yet I was doing my thing and dem love towards me sef knew no bounds. When it comes to my special Roscos, mioraye oshi, I dey para… Met other babes, my coursemates real characters. One funny thing happened in school, there was a riot and all just stayed in their hostels, well the few that couldn’t go home because some strange guys used the opportunity to get into some rooms to burgle them and in the midst of all the row, some of our students were getting into hostels to make sure all dey ok and move them to a safe house, the Rosco was being shagged o.

I can’t even explain how they knew but I was shocked to hear it… Faith dey straf with all her tie cover ears scarf to show say she carry Almighty for heart, hmmmm so much pretense!!! School life is still the best I tell you. I met the cool, bad, and the ugly! If I do list now, I no go finish o! Bisoye, Bully of life, he asked me out with lines like he’s a rich man’s son, that he stayed in the best hostel on campus, he had one timberland boots then, always wore it to shine to girls, motirerin daku . I just looked at him anytime he opened his mouth to misyearn, shior!

He overdid himself one day when he invited me to his hostel, he had a floor to himself, egbami the reason for the bragging, oshi o da. Immediately I stepped into the room, he bolted the door and threw the key outside, the fool wanted to rape… Ahhh I told him if he knew who he was dealing with, he won’t even try to mess with me. I sat down waiting for his next move and he just stood, then started removing his clothes, I on the other hand was looking for utensils and I found a fork and a table knife…

he was all muscles o but God sha helped me. As he drew close,I just clawed him with the fork, he held me so tight, we struggled and then a twist on the doorknob, his flatmates came in, I was free!!! I ran as fast as my legs could take me, omo oshi mabale oba je.that was ugly! 

Chai tonight is all about sad &funny stories, just follow me biko… Reminds me of a sweet guy I fell in love with and dated for 6 years, Augustine, and not a day did he ask for sex! Can there ever be such a guy who would wait that long without feeling some form of lust for the babe he professes love for??? But when he heard about my belt, ahhh! He felt so bad. For that, I love him still because he kept his promise not to defile the bed…

We thought but fate! If you are reading this, thanks for being in my life at a point Augustine… I had loads of fun in school, I was on fire, a dancer too so tay I won Miss Jambite, lepa with hippy bombom🤪 … memories o, I will come back to school days. I will give you more gist about my married life next week! Till then, stay safe guys!

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