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Deelah’s Diary: The Admiral

(Banging my head with my hand)…
Loneliness kills faster than any other ailment but I killed it somehow! Asking how? With all the God-given gifts, I killed it but just one I couldn’t get rid of was another room feel (lolz), body no be firewood! Don’t taste it, if you do, omo na to dey go oooo.
While taking a walk one evening, a car pulled up beside me and said hi…
Dan: Good evening (in a husky voice, a very massive guy as he filled the car like a bag of beans, lol)
Me: yeah good evening.
Dan: how are you? You stay around?
Me: fine thank you… yeah I do. Any problem?
Dan: No problem at all. I just moved into town, actually on transfer and so bored so I decided to take a drive…
Me: eyah. Welcome to our town.

Deelah Diary The Admiral

Before I could continue, he introduced himself as Dan and I did the same and offered to drop me at home which I refused. He now asked if I could become his friend just to show him around in case he needs to see lovely places in town etc. We exchanged numbers and that was it! We started dating but didn’t know much about him until he decided to take me to his office one evening, then I knew who he was at work. He doesn’t really wear his uniform because he was a naval officer and so sure he would have retired now. By the time we got to the gate, all officers there saluted and I was like what’s up? Egbe! Dan na boss o(lol) he was an Admiral! He just laughed at me and said I shouldn’t be scared, ‘ I’m just a simple being like you na’. Like I said Dan was massive but very nice, always willing to help though couldn’t do much but tried (lmao), I didn’t need a mercenary to murder for me!

Deelah Diary The Admiral
Deelah’s Diary of a single mom

He offered me a car, told one of his boys to get a driving school for me to learn. He also told me to look for a place to stay but I couldn’t accept any! Maami, she go ask me where I got a car from, that one go pass jamb question. To think all just fell at my feet but I couldn’t accept his offer and I told him why. He was surprised at me and said any girl would have grabbed it but that made him like me more. Dan was fun! I was like a dwarf beside him every time we went out but didn’t last long, he was transferred again! He drove down to my house to tell me and I felt so bad!

The weekend was splufik and he was still big. We had dinner in the hotel he lodged and something happened… The manager of the hotel came hitting on me right there with Dan and he thought he didn’t notice. He was getting really close to our table till he slipped the card under my plate. We got to his room and I told him what happened and he hugged me for telling him the truth and then told me he saw all his moves. Imagine the insult o ahhh; I cursed and abused him right there at the reception as I was taking my leave… some men need to be checked oloun.

Dan left the following day. I was still trying to get a job and kept hustling too. Richard was also doing well but I cried most times that I could have avoided so many things! God bless and rest the soul of my friend Ola, my bestie. She was just too much of a friend. We played so much and cried together too. We went to the same secondary school and met again after so many years. I was in her house one morning after I dropped Richard off at school, she was off work too. We were just gisting while the radio was on but wasn’t listening to it until a voice came up talking about hookups and our ears stood at attention, no mind us. We sha entered the parole o, come and see different shapes n sizes of guys, one came with arms and legs like the cartoon character, chei forgotten the name o!

Anyways he looked like a Michelin tire animated character, Jesus wept! The one that broke us both ehn, Ola had been talking to him on phone and butterflies flying in the air o until the guy decided he would show face but told her he needed to tell her something about him which he felt would ruin what she felt for him but Ola was too in love. I even thought he could be a cripple but she said he doesn’t sound like such, we laughed it off and it hit us! The day the guy go show ehn, we waited till he said he was somewhere describing the color of his native attire…

omo na me first see am, my eyes popped and I shouted, ‘aro ni o’ ahhh Ola thought I was joking till I pulled her to the point I was standing. If you see the speed we took, got into her car and drove off o, ko funny, that’s what Yorubas say, ‘oro buruku t’oun terin o. we got home and was panting as if we ran 440 relay race! The rest na history abeg! I had forgotten I had to pick my son early because it was a Friday and rushed to his school. Seeing him I thought he would be angry and talk because he was a bully, all he did was look at me from head to toe and said, ‘ ahah why are you wearing tutus slippers?’ laakuli akonisita. I just held him and walked to the gate to pick a bike home.

We got home and I wanted to hit the bed and rest for a while before meeting up with my boss the TV guy I worked with. We had to cover an interview the governor had. As usual, my mom walked in on me and asked, ‘when will you marry?’ mom I need to be out like right now was my response and I didn’t know why she kept asking. Then I looked at her and said, ‘mom, me we never ready, go redi and I dey school and dey hustle join, how marriage fit enter my head now? Mom when the time is right Biko.’ she continued and said even if it’s Mike, your son’s dad, he’s ok now… there I just had to cut mom off politely and left. sometimes our parents wish us well but it’s best to let them know their limits… and say stop!!!

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