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Deelah’s Diary: The Lecturer

Deelah Diary The Lecturer

Deelah Diary The Lecturer | Free Surge Magazine

Deelah Diary The Lecturer

When life throws you lemons, make jars of lemonade out of it. I had nowhere to stay in school except for Mike’s house because I went back to the same school. At a point I couldn’t cope because I was like a burden to him and I left. I  went to my aristo friend’s house but her place was something else so I had to leave again. It wasn’t much of a stress because it was a weekend program and eventually found a place with one of my coursemates, indeed a peaceful place, her name is Angel, Angel was and is still a good friend. She did all I never imagined. When a door closes, plenty more doors open, I met many exciting people.

God knows, I had clowns as coursemates, I never knew Alhajas wear waist beads… Amaka, a beautiful well-endowed babe but desperate to marry… Hajia Rofiat, waist beads rocker… Roscos that crucified the naughty ones like us…(Dem dey do but dey can code)…All roscos were married leaving just me, angel, and Amaka.

I was in class on this faithful day, the lecturer was teaching and Richard started crying, yeepa! Boobs call o. To avoid distraction, I just flipped out the black-eyed pea and pom into his mouth and the thick glassed eyes lecturer caught the blop! Ahh Richard made so much noise with the black-eyed peas, the lecturer couldn’t bear the noise and I wasn’t ready to leave too, I was too tired and no hidden place to go continue the feeding. He spoke sarcastically that he had a meeting to attend but we all understood. (he later asked me out but that’s a story for another day.)

The Dean called a general meeting later same day and there I saw the young man, tall, dark-skinned, clean-shaven, about 6’2, he smiled and I  felt numb, thank God for Angel…she laughed at me. After the meeting, we checked the timetable but didn’t know who was coming to take the course and while we gisted away, he walked in and said, ‘Hello there, is this 200l class?’ chorused yes. Jesus wept! He’s here!

He introduced himself, gave us the course outline, and asked who the class rep was…I just stood up and signaled to me to see him. Jackpot! That was all I needed, the closeness to him…I’m something else abi? I know😁😆ahhh enough of my naughty self… Ok lemme finish the gist… He asked just one question and I took him on a smooth journey… Amaka came to me after meeting with him to ask about him because she was desperate to marry, I burst her bubbles, ‘he’s married babes’, so he’s taken!

Hihohihohohooiii😆…hmmm some lecturers be like ‘ the professor’ in the movie money heist and freaks like Mr shades of grey. Biko my favorite TV series is about to start. Catch y’all later.  

Deelah Diary The Lecturer Written by Yetunde Deelah Adebayo

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    May 25, 2020 at 8:23 am

    Chai….. can’t wait to read the concluding part of Mr Lecturer

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