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Diary of a Black Single Mother: The Robbery

Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Deelah’s Diary, last week, we had a technical failure, still on still, We move.

Diary of a Black Single Mother The Robbery
Diary of a Black Single Mother The Robbery

Like I was saying, Mike didn’t get us an accommodation, and there was nine of us in a 2 bedroom apartment, We were robbed one day as we all sat down to watch who wants to be a millionaire, there was a knock on the door, the neighbor asked if she could speak with the wife and I decided to open the door but didn’t even wait to see who it was because of the program on TV, I just heard from behind, ‘ face down everybody, oya bring out the money!’ 

Gosh I later had a good laugh because the thieves took Mike’s money that he hid in his shoes,imagine the wicked being that I asked for money and he told me shingbain, e no get anything. As he talk am na hin I laugh say ntor! He couldn’t do shit! Na the friend sabi the time wey dem comot the rings for my finger and come tell am say make he try to buy another…

He said ahhh and banged his head with his hand, I was even surprised and told him in the presence of his friend that why was he disturbed? We don even out now, sebi dem steal yours for Ilorin and you didn’t move a muscle, you said na small thing, how this one wan come stress una? The friend was shocked at my outburst, duh! like I care…

Diary of a Black Single Mother The Robbery

At first I thought na joke until I lifted up my head and saw local guns and fierce-looking guys! Mike tried to act like Van Damme, dem hit am with the Dane gun. They took all they could find, the important ones they could sell-off. All this while, the wife was in the bathroom and by the time she got out, one of the thieves saw her and wanted to lamba o. Wetin she carry sef o por ooo! Her jugs are big!

Her noise drew the leaders attention and curbed the guy… Na dat we come do here? Thank God she screamed, if not she would have been raped and this episode of Deelah Diary wouldn’t have been Diary of a Black Single Mother The Robbery. The kids were scared as fuck and when they noticed there was nothing to pack, they locked us into the toilet and left. Na the neighbors come open door for us. Sebi we no no say dem don enter tay dey rob the other flat wey we dey shout dey watch the game, and dem use the neighbor’s wife to knock to gain entrance into our place.

See for this life, if you get anything wey you wan do wey you know say go make you happy, do am o, no allow any man discourage you especially if una see opportunities, grab am before he even knows about it Biko. I lost all trying to be an obedient wife but was so foolish and just allowed him pour sansand for my garri. Not all men want the best for dem women o, plenty selfish self-centered men! I’m not a man-hater,just my personal experience nkwa!

We sha dey inside the marriage dey roll am like 🎲 dice if e go pay or not. We got a 3 bedroom flat and then the real Mike showed his true colors. he worked his transfer back to Abeokuta which gladdened my heart because I felt it would separate him and yinka, ahhh in fact it drew them closer. She would enter town and I would feel Mike was busy with work, inside life!!! As if that wasn’t enough, he got involved with another woman like it’s a norm for them, wherever they find themselves, dey must to get a girlfriend and that’s why I’m writing this Diary of a Black Single Mother The Robbery.

Hmm, now I know why some women can’t handle the rejection from their husbands especially the housewives. No job, no money, and no sex on top! I was depressed! And whenever he felt like drilling, he flips me like a paper and writes, then full stop without even taking a second look at the paper whether o rough abi still the same way before he wrote on it,u grab?! He would come home so late and threatened to leave me if I didn’t comply with his rules!!

Hope you enjoyed this episode of ‘Deelah Diary’ Diary of a Black Single Mother The Robbery.

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