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Diary of a Single Black Mom: The Drama

Chai emi ekun funrami, wild rose, na me Mike dey follow put rules? I just took a chill pill and kept mute anytime he acted up… But of course with the influence of alcohol! Mike won’t even talk if he’s sane, na when stout enter him body e dey get liver talk anyhow and when I noticed, I took note of all he said to me! Verbal abuse, number 1 !

Diary of a Single Black Mom The Drama | Free Surge Magazine
Diary of a Single Black Mom The Drama

Well I couldn’t bear the fact that I was just home doing the same thing every day, so I met an old friend to my brother who assisted me with money and I set up a recharge card selling point right in front of the building I lived. Each time he came back from work, he would say I should pack up, that what if his colleagues were coming with him, they would say why is it that your wife sells recharge cards? And I looked at him and said then you tell them you don’t give me money and I need to survive, it’s her business, you have no hand in it!

Diary of a Single Black Mom The Drama

He also got home one day and threw out all the bottles of coke in the fridge, said it’s his, I should find my own, ah the tears I have dropped won’t… Make I no curse again. He even stole from me, my market sales o! Bought card from me and never paid because he was my husband, imagine that coming out of the fool! No, be him fault she, na me allow am. From then I knew I was just married, na single mother I be from day 1!

Time to pay for my son’s fees come reach, e say e no get money, make I go borrow e go give me back. I told him there was nowhere to get the money as I wasn’t working and he said you have a family now, go to them I don’t have money!

Well as usual I ran to my late mom, we sorted it and I paid his fees. I just couldn’t take all anymore, I told my late mom I needed to leave and you know mothers… ah don’t say such, he will change, he’s just trying to adapt to the new family, Oluwa ooo! did my mom just say that? That’s how mothers behave at times… Always trying to mend what’s been broken from day 1.


As she got in, she sat down and started crying and said all she needed to say and added that I came to her for a 50k loan and promised to pay back soon

Diary of a Single Black Mom The Drama

I met a woman, very crazy one through Mike’s sister, apparently came from the same town, nice but crazy and she introduced me to her friend too, a crazy one too… in fact, men don’t know that if their wives decide to be quiet, the madness wey dey her head, dey can’t handle o! That was what I observed from the women I met o! Na dem help me get my money back from Mike… Oya siddon and follow me as I 😃… You too like aproko jor…

Abosede is the crazy friend I met through my sister in law, and her friend Arike was the one that did the magic. She drew a good plan and I was almost canceling it that it won’t work but she told me to leave it to her and I did. She said she needed to know my house, she dropped me off and the rest I watched like a movie scene.

Diary of a Single Black Mom The Drama
Diary of a Single Black Mom The Drama

The next morning around 5 .10am, someone, knocked on our door and sincerely I thought na thief, it was around that season that robbers robbed early in the morning or evening time… Mike got up and approached the door, asked who it was and she answered, it’s me Arike, mom Richards friend and he opened up, not because he knows her but hearing her mention my name. 

As she got in, she sat down and started crying and said all she needed to say and added that I came to her for a 50k loan and promised to pay back soon and she’s not heard from me since. I was listening behind the curtain and laughed quietly as she put the act up,omo she be star, walahi! 

Diary of a Single Black Mom The Drama

He called me and I put up a sleepy face and got out, he started abusing me, cursing me that I brought embarrassment to him because of 50k, as he said that Arike just said ahhh sorry sir, I didn’t come to embarrass you, I just felt …he didn’t allow her to finish and got her phone number, for her to see him in his office the next day…. Ewehleke, I got my money though 45k, it was something o!

Abosede hails me like… ‘before the war’ and I don’t even know the meaning. I think now I understand. Since he always came home late, and he had his spare keys, I just took my time too, got home, slept early because I ate at Arike’s place. I didn’t cook much then because he never leaves money and when I tried, he never appreciated it!

Gosh anytime I remember the act Arike put up,I scatter laugh ni ooo
Take care guys…till next week. I need a nap, it’s another lockdown day, yes, we are still on weekend lockdown in Ogun state. isssshhhh.

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