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Deelah’s Diary: Yomi The Playboy

Gosh e tay wey I exercise o! Chai this lockdown self no be beans for this side but I dey ruff am. Yesterday was a free day to go out and I thought of driving out and the person I saw was the last person I could have ever imagined, Yomi! At first I thought maybe it was his look-alike but he saw me too. I parked and we exchanged pleasantries and then after a few minutes, he said he enjoys reading my Diary of A Single Mother, I should keep it up but he hopes he won’t enter my story. I laughed so much and told him now that he mentioned it, he’s the next in line to be casted.

Diary of A Single Mother Yomi Playboy
Diary of A Single Mother Yomi Playboy

Hmmm, Yomi was and still a Playboy. We met through a friend of mine though he’d been looking for a way to meet me then, our town small ehn, we sha connected and started dating. He couldn’t go a day without seeing me and that made me feel good. We went everywhere together until he told me about his girlfriend but didn’t know who to choose, I was shocked he could say such and why I asked? He said she’s not as active as I am, I scattered laugh o! Like seriously, is that why you love me? He said No but it makes a major part… I just ended the conversation because I knew where it was going. I met all his friends and they all liked my person, Tobi, Gafar, Bez and Siji… I guess they all had to play along with Yomi’s choice. Why should I even be surprised, I was a single mom…

Diary of A Single Mother Yomi Playboy

One funny thing happened in Ibadan, we were invited for a gig and off we went in a convoy of 5 cars with all dem full bags. we lodged and went for drinks, got back pretty late and just crashed into our various rooms but deelah had a smooth night with the cast of scary movie. We got set for the church service and Tobi asked what happened last night, that he heard a loud noise coming from our side and Yomi said, the TV was on throughout the night now, as he was still trying to buttress his point… Siji just spilled that the movie was interesting though the signal was shaky but gave clear audio then I knew… Unknown to me, all the fun had to end soon even after I aborted, he chose her over me, maybe I wasn’t the type he wanted but as if he needed to lay okwia?

He planned his wedding and bachelor eve without telling me, not because I was going to fight him but I knew it would happen soon, so why couldn’t he just tell me? I was home jejely that Friday night and my phone rang, it was Tobi, my main guy, said there was a party in town and if I didn’t mind, he could pick me up and I said cool. I quickly dressed up and went. By the time I got there, I met the others waiting by the gate and wondered why they stood like they wanted to meet with the Queen, I didn’t know they wanted to beg me not to get angry at what I was about to see… Yomis Bach Eve ke? How come? He didn’t tell me about it. Then it dawned, the long silence, the few minutes call, etc. I felt really bad finding out that way and I cried! He just stood there looking, I’m sure he thought I would hit him but I walked past him, got into the hall, started drinking till I got drunk and danced away the bad love story.
Deelah the strong!

Lockdown just dey amazing and it sucks as well, naa I’m not confused, I just like playing😂…

Ahahah the married part of my life was crazy because I thought it would be like the Nollywood movies but chei na real horror for me okwia. I should have just followed my instinct of being a celibate even after Richard was born.

Two years into the marriage, Mike didn’t get us accommodation, we stayed with his friend’s family in a 2 bedroom flat! if I told him then I saw a place that was nice for us to stay, and asks how much, he would say no it’s much that he couldn’t afford it, and found ourselves in his friend’s place, very inconvenient, 9 of us in a 2 bedroom flat!!! TO BE CONTINUED…

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