Donald Trump on Free Speech- See details of Trump’s Call With Mark Zuckerberg Amid This Controversy

On Friday, President Donald Trump and Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg had a discussion over the phone concerning Trump’s recent posts about mail-in ballots and the Minnesota protests.

Donald trump on free speech

Although we do not have clear information as to what both parties discussed and their stand on Trump’s posts but it seems as though Twitter’s actions of pining warning labels and public interest labels on Trump’s tweets, prompted the call.

Trump’s post raised controversies on Facebook and Twitter, calling mail-in ballots “fraudulent” while threatening to bring in the National Guard to control protests in Minneapolis.

He said, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” As a result, Twitter slapped a warning label on both posts.

Free speech in America

Zuckerberg stated that “I disagree strongly with how the President spoke about this, but I believe people should be able to see this for themselves, because ultimately accountability for those in positions of power can only happen when their speech is scrutinized out in the open,”

This action led Trump to sign an order to crack down on “censorship” by social media sites, but tech industry groups have rejected the executive order, saying it is a tamper to free speech rights.

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