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Bop Daddy Challenge: Falz Wins NIS Over Suspension Of Five Female Immigration officers

How impressive?

Yesterday, the Nigerian Lawyer, Actor and Rapper, Folarin Falana, popularly known as Falz took to the defense of five female fans who were being punished for participating in his viral Bop daddy challenge.

Falz, Bop Lawyer?
Bop Lawyer

These female fans who happen to be immigration officers partook in the Bop Daddy Challenge while dressed in their uniforms. As a result, the agency made a public post of their videos which went viral and has decided to punish them on the account of embarrassment to the immigration force.

The case has lingered for about three weeks now, and just three days ago, the service announced its verdict on the ladies. The Nigerian Immigration Service asked them to be redeployed to Borno states, Yobe, and other states where insurgency and banditry are at its height.

The ladies in the viral #BopDaddy video, include Priscilla Irabor, Catherine J. Bakura, Blessing Alfred Udida, Binti I. Attabor and Ockiya Eneni.

Upon the verdict pronounced by the immigration service commission, Falz decided to take up the challenge as their defence lawyer.

Falz wrote a letter to the Nigerian immigration Service and shared it on twitter yesterday.

Falz's letter

Following Falz’s letter, the Nigerian Immigration Service has announced in a series of tweets on its Twitter handle, its suspension of the transfer of its erring officers.

The agency stated that the transfer has been put on hold pending the outcome of an investigation into their conduct.

Falz has however received commendations and praises from fans for the initiative to use his position as a lawyer to seek justice for his female fans. He has been titled the “Bop Lawyer.

A King we Stan!

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