First Nigerian Gay Movie, July 15

Gayism featuring in Nigerian movies

Pamela Adie, a Nigerian LGBT right advocate is set to make an impression by adding to the list of gay movies 2020. She has announced the release of her gay movie which happens to be the first gay movie in the history of Nigeria.

The gay movie was directed by Uyai Ikpe-Etim and tells a story of love between two lesbian partners, Ife and Adaora. It explains the sour experiences that scarred their same-sex relationship as a result of the LGBT-discouraging environment within the Nigerian scene.

Gay movies 2020

The producer of the gay movie 2020; Pamela Adie, stated that the movie aims to change the perception of Nigerians and provoke a change in the representation of LGBT in Nollywood.

Pamela on the position of Nollywood on LGBT and Gay movies

Pamela stated that Nollywood’s stories of BDSMQ mostly portray a condemning stancing against LGBT. “We only see stories about LGBT people that condemn us, to say that we are people to be beaten, sometimes even killed.”

According to her, the idea of the movie was just to show that gay people are normal people who fall in love, who have their hearts broken, who break hearts, who have troubles, who triumph. We also aim to increase the visibility of the community, to tell the lesbian story too and to drive social acceptance.

On the probability of the acceptance of the gay movie in Nigeria, Ms Pamela stated that so far, the movie has enjoyed wide-ranged support from Ngerians. She explained that she doesn’t expect that everyone will be interested in the movie, or even see it. For her, the project is not target towards everybody so it is only normal for some people not to see it. “I intend to make more films that centre on stories about LGBTQ people, particularly Nigerian lesbian, bisexual, and queer women,” she said.

Mr Asurf, the Director of project, said “people often judge Nigerians before they actually react to things and their reactions cannot be gauged before something happens.”

The trailer of the movie will be out on Wednesday, July 15. The release date is undecided.

According to the producer, the movie is not going to be released on YouTube or any indigenous streaming platform. They are building a personal platform where people can pay to watch movies like an on-demand streaming platform.

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