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Genevieve Nnaji- On Marriage and Commitments

Marriage is not a necessity. Life as a woman can be beautiful, fulfilling, and blissful without being married. Popular veteran Actress and Movie producer, Genevieve Nnaji is a living testimony to this fact.

The global screen goddess amassed for herself all the wealth, fame, and success that she has today without the support of one to call her husband. And this singular fact has remained a point of curiosity for many of her fans for a very long time now.

Genevieve has now decided to clear the air as to why she has decided to stay unmarried all the while.

Nnaji, maintaining her reasons for not getting into a marriage-intended relationship stated that marriage is so much work, especially for a woman.

According to her claims, getting married is a big deal but staying married is the true deal. Marriage is a mechanical entity, it requires a lot to get moving.

She further stated that her perception of marriage is also fueled by her fear of divorce. She revealed that divorce is not a concept in her dictionary and hence for her, marriage had to either be a 100 or a 0. No trials and errors.

From her account, her strict Catholic background must have had a lot to do with her view and ideology of played, errors, and hence both major factors played major roles in keeping her single.

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