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Grow Instagram Followers Free Now!!

There is no over flogging the fact that Instagram is a great platform for marketers and entrepreneurs. Metrics show that out of one billion daily active users, 200 million check at least one business account daily.

But knowing this is just not enough to ensure that your business will reap the dividends of being on Instagram. There are about 25 million business accounts on Instagram, the competition on the platform is definitely not for the fainthearted. Learn how to grow instagram followers free now!

This means that to grow relevance on the platform, calculated and deliberate strategies have to be in place. Below I’ll be discussing 7 tested methods that could grow your instagram followers free, and in no time.

Grow instagram followers free now!

7 of the Best Ways to Grow Instagram Followers, Free

First identify your goal.

Which growth metric on Instagram will represent a win for your business if achieved? How would you tell if your brand is growing?

Is it your engagement per follower, website traffic, link clicks, comments per post, Instagram Stories engagement, and hashtag usage? Identify which works better for you then we can begin to make progress from there.

Use analytic tools

I’ve realized that only few people undertake this. It is not enough to just apply several strategies, know how these strategies are influencing your account and which is working better. That is how to ensure continued growth and targeted investment.

Notice what is generating more followers for you. Do your audience prefer videos to still images? humorous contents to serious? Your analytics should help you with that.

Sometimes, contests and giveaways might not rake in as much as a good and educating content, but how will you know?

User-Generated Content

This is a verified way to improve brand awareness and engagement. All you need to do is create a branded hashtag that your audience can connect with. It could be an experience, or a lesson, the trick here is to target their emotions. Once gotten, followers will then craft their own contents in line with the hashtag you created and add it to their posts. That way, you’ll have gathered a lot of valuable content that can be reposted in your Stories.

But it is important to ask for permission to repost user-generated content on your feed and Story before posting.

Know contents that suits each platform

On instagram, you have the option of sending contents to your instagram stories, Instagram feed, direct messages, highlight, Instagram TV, Instagram live videos, and a couple of other platforms.

Don’t get it twisted, not all contents would suffice on all platforms. Check out the peculiarities of each platform to know which content would work.

For Instagram Stories, you can only post contents that lasts for 15 seconds. It works like a slide show of pictures and videos. Like the name suggests, it is meant to tell a story, to humanize your brand in such a way that your brand becomes personable and reachable, increasing viewer’s attachment to your brand.

Instagram Live lets you share live videos. Live videos are priceless in engaging viewers for longer, provided your content is dope. They will put you at the first position in your followers’ Story section.

The Instagram TV (IGTV) is only an advanced form of Stories. Instead of 15 secs, you get a whopping 15 minutes with IGTV. They are for promotions and influencer takeovers. For quality and Instagram-worthy videos try some movie-making apps like iMovie and FilmoraGo.

Your Instagram feed is your artboard of memories, and important details. It is the perfect show of who you are and what you do. Endeavour to post contents that represent your brand well. It is usually the final deciding factor for new followers. It doesn’t matter how awesome your Stories look or how perfect your live video went, an unordered feed is always a big turn off. When we talk of putting your ‘house’ in order, your Instagram feed would be that ‘house’.

Content is still king, only post optimized visual content:

Getting it right with your content is already a 60% assurance of growth on instagram.

This here, is key to growing instagram followers free. Post relevant contents that resonate within your niche, use amazing imagery, (remember Instagram is visual, and you are up against millions of stunning visual contents.) and with your caption, create a captivating story behind every post, give it a personal spin. But do not overdo it. Keep it short, simple, and memorable.

To grow Instagram followers free, optimize your Instagram content for size, quality and duration. Your images must be 1080px X 1080 px for square images, 1080px X 608 px for landscape images, and 1080px X 1350 px for square images.
IGTV videos should be limited to 15 minutes in MP4 format. Cover photos should be in .jpg or png formats at 9:16 ratio and 720 pixels resolution.

Use Instagram Shoutouts to grow instagram followers free

Here, you are running a mutually beneficial deal with influencers. Search via hashtag, or use influencer marketing tools to discover big names in your industry.

Check through their feeds for people who regularly give shoutouts and get a lot of engagement. Build a bond by liking and commenting on their posts, and then propose a shoutout exchange with them.

Be deliberate about engagement.

To grow instagram followers free, send DMs, like, or comment on the posts of your intended audience. Engage with others on their feed, engage with people on your own photos by responding to comments.

Post consistently. To come up with fresh content ideas, study the user behaviour of your target audience and then create contents that are relatable.

With these tips, you will increase your follower count, content’s visibility, penetration, and engagement without spending a dime.

Grow instagram followers free now!

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