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Happy International Workers Day 2020

It has been a lot of change, back and forth, uncertainties, skill upgrade, fear, unproductivity and compulsory leave for most workers this period.

The past few months have been a totally new experience with a lot to catching-up and a lot of staying-relevant at workplaces all around the world.

We see all the efforts you put in to the quality of your service, how you daily invest in making your skill relevant while adjusting to the new trends that the corona era has brought.

We see the sacrifices. We see how you are putting your head, your mind and your hands to work, going the extra mile to ensure you don’t get stuck.

Happy Workers Day! You are the real MVPs

This is to better days for every worker around the world. To better platforms of expression, better work-life, and greater reward of sacrifice.

Happy International Workers Day to you, from all of us at The Free Surge Magazine.

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