Happy New month from all of us at Free Surge Magazine.

Happy new month folks, yaay!! We hit 5/12 of 2020.

Although It has not been the kind of year we all prepared for on the 31st Dec 2019, I’m sure we can be thankful for life and for love and the little other things that make life worth living.

January was the month of extra slow days. The 3-in-one month with the Jan 2020, Jan 2020 pro and the pro max version. Little did we know what other months had in store for us. February came, rather short but eventful.

March, intensified the corona outbreak with death tolls on the increase all around the world. April the month of lockdown, and compulsory unproductivity. Hunger for some, death for many others.

Now May. May is that unopened gift box whose content you cannot tell just yet. But however it turns out, I’ll advise that we go through the month with the following:

  • Gratitude for the seemingly little things.
  • The intention to live every moment to its best, knowing that it might be the last.
  • Take caution for your safety and those around you.
  • Stop deferring, Get on that project already!
  • Get less drawn to perfectionism, do it anyways.
  • Be positive about situations around you.
  • Spread more love.
  • Improve your marketable skills.

Long list yea? We should learn to embrace our mortality more this period. Know that it is not in the length of your days but the quality of each day.

Make a resolve to truly live in this new month. Try out new things, be that person of your dreams, do those things that you haven’t had the effrontery to try.

Live and Truly live!

Thanks for staying with us for our first month of Publication, So for us at Free Surge Magazine, we are wishing you a blissful new Month full of the things that life cannot buy.

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