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How To Get Over Boredom In This Lockdown Game

What have you been doing to salvage these trying and difficult times? Times of so much boredom, too much free time, inactivity, and this literal lockdown.
For some, it has been a period of rebirth and confirmation of strong urges for a new start, while for some others, it is continuously making off them the biggest joke of the decade.

For whichever divide of the narrative you fall on, I have great news for you, especially if your case tends towards the latter.
So cheers to fresh and different days this week as I’ll be dropping a couple of tips that you could try on. I know they might just be someone’s way of getting by this week. And mind you, it’s the last week in April already. I guess I am the only one who is noticing how fast these days are running, and how our lives have been relegated to a pause for too long. I’m hopeful that soon, the world will stagger back from its crippled knees and fall back to normal functionality.
Now, here are the tips I promised:


Get yourself some inner validation as you grow your body into those of your dreams. The benefits are endless. For one, there is a way it keeps you alive, strengthened, and livid. You just feel so alive and ready to take up whatever task. Another good is that you are doucing the possibility of not getting recognized after the lockdown is over. For obvious reasons that you know. No two things have the power to blow up fat like a constant intake of calories (from junks especially) and long hours in front of the Television set. And these are most likely what you engage in the most. I need not remind you of the evils of obesity. Save your health, improve your mental health, and boost your confidence with body exercises.

Stay away from too many Podcasts and Online courses:

Wait, I should ask, ain’t you tired yet? Please feel free to lock out all external pressures. The number of online courses you sign up for or podcasts you listen to is not the ultimate determinant of how well you’ll come out of this lockdown.

Realistically speaking, silence that voice in your head that keeps telling you to do more. I think rather than listen and take in, do more of internalizing. Let the few ones you have learned find application, and build structures in you first. It is not so much about learning new things but doing them.

Stop binging on those series. Improve your extracurriculars.

I see you, all you fans of ‘Money heist’, ‘You,’ and ‘Shameless.’ While it is a cool way to disappear into a world that makes your trouble less surreal, it is not totally healthy. Well, before you crucify me, I might just have an alternative for you.

Have you thought of learning to cook new dishes, or some dance steps, or even to play a musical instrument, or yes, train your voice? For me, my sure pick is dance. I must come out of this lockdown a better dancer, I just must! So instead of running away from boredom, I’ll blast on the stereo, download new dance steps every week, hang up my big mirror and watch me become cooler. Yes o, enough of serious stuff, we all need to be a little goofier than we already are. Life is short mehn!

Take up personality tests:

Maybe the reason you are in such a big mess is that you just haven’t gotten a hang of how you operate or should operate. And what is best suited for you? Take out time, participate in online personality tests. Career tests too could work. Do not leave your friends and partners out of this goodie. It will even help improve your relationship with the people that you claim to love.

Meditate often:

Yes, be in constant connection with your soul. Listen to your own heartbeat. Hear the voices in your own head, learn your thinking pattern, and get real closer to understanding your self better. For the majority of us, the question- ‘tell me about yourself?’ is one hell of a question that keeps you up on your toes and leaves your heart pumping real hard. While this shouldn’t be, it is the narrative with many of us. Now is the time to fix it. Pick out time in the early hours of the day, it’s a better time to.

I hope the long read was worth your time. We’ll love for you to come back for more sometimes soon, and ensure that you share with loved ones.

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