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How To make The Americano Cocktail

The Americano is a gentle introduction to the unusual and bitter taste of Campari. It is a fascinating drink with a long and rich history and it was the first cocktail mentioned in the James Bond novels. This is an iconic and delightful aperitif that you can enjoy before any meal.

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A truly classic cocktail, the Americano was first served in the 1860s at Gaspare Campari’s bar in Milan, Italy. It was originally named “Milano-Torino” because of the origins of its two primary ingredients: Campari calls Milan home and sweet vermouth is also known as ‘Vermouth di Torino’ or Italian vermouth. Due to its age importance and incomparable quality, it has found its way amongst the 77 recognized IBA cocktails under UNFORGETTABLE COCKTAILS, that’s why we’ve decided to show you How To make The Americano Cocktail.

The cocktail recipe itself is extremely simple. All you need is a Campari, sweet vermouth, ice, highball glass, and soda. It’s about as refreshing as a Campari cocktail can get and the bitter-sweet taste will delight your palate. The Americano is sometimes confused with The Negroni Cocktail but The Negroni Cocktail is stronger and was derived from The Americano Cocktail.

   The Americano Cocktail Ingredients:

(1) Campari  

(2) Vermouth 

(3) Club Soda 

(4) Highball glasses 

(5) Garnish (lemon slice or orange twist)

How to make The Americano Cocktail

How To make The Americano Cocktail

Total Time:

Take 11/2 ounces of Campari, 11/2 Ounces Sweet Vermouth, 3 Ounces of Club Soda.

Fill a highball glass with ice, pour Campari and sweet Vermouth into the highball glass, top with Club Soda, garnish with an orange twist or lemon slice. 

Your Americano Cocktail is ready to drink!

The Health Benefits of The Americano cocktail are innumerable. 

(1) Orange peels: Although it may seem nothing, orange peels should never be underestimated at all! They are thought to bring you 4x more health benefits compared to that of the orange flesh. Orange peels contain four main compounds;

~the hesperidin: is a flavonoid that helps manage blood pressure and cholesterol). The flavonoid found within orange peels, the PMFs are proven to lower down cholesterol more effectively as compared to pharmaceutical products.

~anti-histamine: Histamines are substances that trigger allergic reactions. Orange peels contain anti-histamines to prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions 

~anti-histamine: Histamines are substances that trigger allergic reactions. Orange peels contain anti-histamines to prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions 

~antioxidant: the antioxidants inside orange peels come in the form of vitamins A and C, which are of course working very well in fighting the infection of viruses and germs that cause infection, cold and flu, plus upkeeping anyone’s health condition at its best. The antioxidants have the ability to be used as an alternative for skincare so that common dermatological problems, such as blackheads, dead cells, pimples and dry skin can easily be avoided.

~anti-inflammatory agents that treat gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea, heartburn plus acidity. 

  Campari in itself supports the production of enzymes and it promotes healthy liver and hence proper detoxification.

So, if you have the opportunity to drink cocktails made out of Campari, don’t miss out the orange peels!

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