How to Reduce Your Consumption of Mobile Data

My Data consumption reduced see how.
This time last month, the rate of my data consumption was running me nuts..

Imagine using 4Gb data in 24 hours doing nothing out of the norm.

Well, that was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Well not literally though, it was just the point when I decided that this had to stop.

And Yeeees! It did stop. I did my research as to how I can reduce my consumption of mobile data and save my pockets some stress and you wouldn’t believe what I found. I was so amazed that I couldn’t wait to try it. After trying, I just couldn’t wait to come share with you guys what I learnt.
So sit back as I hit you with the best news of the day.

Data Is Life

Airtel wasn’t lying when they said “Data is life.” Data is definitely a basic necessity in life. Especially with this lockdown, you need data for practically everything. And it is sad how expensive it is to get data.

Since the lockdown began, one major and unifying problem that seems to typify the African millennial of all type and gender is the need to constantly stay online- the need for data.

With the Coronavirus, our offline lives have been reduced to a monotonous reality with repeats of activities and little or no fun.

The Television has become a box of no particular goodies. No new football matches, no new movies or series, no interesting news devoid of the Coronavirus.

Now, the best people do offline is cook, chitchat with loved ones, read a book, rearrange the room, do DIY projects or just stare at the walls.

Because all of these get boring overtime, the different online options that keep boredom at bay gets patronized.

People turn to ticktok for creation of video contents, Instagram for the love of the gram, twitter to stay updated with gists around the world, Facebook to stay in touch with events and happenings in the lives of buddies and loved ones, Netflix for all the available movies and series, webinars and podcasts for adding value, blogs and magazines for news updates and several other online platforms.

While all of these is adding the needed spice to your day, so each day feels less like the previous, your bank account is screaming loudly for help.

Now get the best of both world’s- your data and your account with the following mobile-data saving tips.

Mobile Data Saving Tips

Method 1

Restrict Background Data

Did you know that there was such a thing as background data. Omg! They are the big culprit.

Well, it happens that some android apps continue to use data in the background even while you don’t have them on.

Pros: reduced rate of data consumption
Cons: no notifications from these apps
Step1: On your Android phone, go to your phone settings, tap on data usage section. Here, you’ll see all your installed apps .
Step2: Tap on a particular app and the data usage statistics will show the amount is data being consumed.
Select Restrict app background data for any app that you want to restrict.

Method 2

Set an automatic limit to your monthly data usage.

Pros: You will not go beyond your stated data usage for the month.

Cons: It doesn’t actually reduce data usage it only keeps your data scheduled for a period.


Step1: Go to your phone settings on your android, again go to Data usage section.

Step2: click on billing cycle in the data usage section and then hit the data limit abd billing cycle key.

Step3: Now input the maximum dara you want to use for the month.

Step4: choose the option of automatic disconnection once data limit is reached.

Method 3

Data Compression in Chrome

This is an automatic and stress less way of saving data. Chrome does all the work.

When data compression is turned on, all of your traffic is passed through a proxy run by Google. Your data is compressed and optimized before being sent to your phone.

This results in lower data consumption and also speeds up the loading of pages without any significant change in web content.


Open Chrome, tap on the 3-dot menu on the upper right corner, tap on Settings, and scroll down to Data Saver. There you can tap on the upper right corner to toggle Data Saver on.

Method 4

Disable automatic app update

Since you are trying to save your mobile data, then one of your plans should be to avoid updating your mobile apps with your mobile data. Instead, you can rely on wifi for app update.

Pros: Your data is saved.

Cons: You might forget to update your apps if you have to manually do it.


Step1: Go to Play Store, tap on Menu, go to Settings, and click on Auto-update apps.

Step2: Select the “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only” option or the “Do not auto-update apps.”

I hope you learnt a thing or two, let’s toast to better expended data plans henceforth!!

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