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How To Use A Cocktail Shaker

How to Use a Cocktail Shaker:  In a time when liquid and solutions were stirred in cups, turning to and fro, they rose a need for a mixer, something that can mix ingredients evenly and not create a mess like teaspoons would. 

How To Use A Cocktail Shaker
How To Use A Cocktail Shaker

 The cocktail shaker’s history began around 7000 BCE in Mexico and South America. Where the jar gourd was used as a closed container for mixing. 

    During the middle of the 19th century, an innkeeper was skilful and intelligent enough to have discovered a cocktail shaker. A model of which is still in place today. I’m the 1920s, cocktail mixers were made in numerous forms and designs without altering its goals.

    Although the use of cocktail mixers/shakers went down during world war 2 it was fast remembered after the war as soldiers went back to Bar and soon called it out to markets. The companies that used to use metals to make weapons rather than making this cocktail shakers now saw the urgency in the need and so decided to start producing cocktail shakers again.

   Numerous people across the globe soon start inventing their own cocktails in a different form. Ranging from the invention of William Harnett on December 24, 1872, to that of G. S. Bryce on April 7, 1925, to mention but a few.

    These Cocktail shakers are mostly used to shake anything with juice, eggs, milk, cloudy. Because all of this stuff should always be shaken and never be stirred.

    Funnily enough, most of the cocktail shakers of today if not all are traced to no one other than Edward Hauck from Brooklyn, New York, USA. 

     The two most preferred types of cocktail shakers are the Cobbler cocktail shakers (3 piece cocktail shaker) and the Boston cocktail shaker (2 piece cocktail shaker). These two have their unique advantages and disadvantages which makes your choice determine the best option.

How to Use Cocktail Shaker
Boston Cocktail Shaker

     Although, the initial is known to be best for home usage due to its low volume while the latter is loved by bartenders for its large volume and ability to mix more than a single cocktail. They say it makes their job faster.

How to Use Cocktail Shaker
Cobbler Cocktail Shaker


     Following the simple procedures below will help perfect your use of any cocktail shaker you lay you’re hands-on

(1) Let your ingredients into a cocktail shaker or mixing glass (if using a Boston shaker).

(2) Add your ice on top.

(3) cover up with lid or shaker other.

(4) shake the shaker by holding with both hands on each piece (preferably above your shoulder) and let your arm do the job

(5) shake for about 7-11 seconds or perhaps when the outside gets super chilled

(6) strain your cocktail into a glass (you won’t be needing a strainer for the 3 piece cocktail shaker though)

NB: you should shake your cocktail once it’s a mixture of alcohol and non-alcohol but stir when it’s only alcohol.

(7) your perfect cocktail is ready 

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