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No! Let The Ignorance Go- You’ve Slept For an Average of 1/3 of Your Life And You Still Don’t know This About Sleep?

Sleep is a beautiful feeling. In fact one of the best feelings in the world. On some days, I just wish I could nap through all 24 hours.


I know some people are reading this post and wondering what the heck I’m saying. Like you feel it ain’t even all that.

Well I feel you bro! But just get yourself a dark room, well-aired with nice chilled temperature, ear plugs, sweet soulful music, a fluffy bed, a blank mind and a sweet furred blanket.
And I’ll be waiting for your feedback.

Now away from sleep and how it makes me feel, let us declare a war on ignorance and expose some truths about sleep deprivation, and a host of other topics around sleep. All of which I bet you never knew before now.

So are you ready to go on this mind-feeding journey with me?

You might want to grab a cup of drink and a writing pad, I think you might need them.

Ready now?


Sleep Myths Destroyed!

  • The number of required hours in bed varies

Let me burst your bubble a bit. So, as opposed to popular opinions, you are not mandated to sleep for a minimum of 8hours daily. There is no unified requirement of sleep hours that cuts across board.

The body needs sleep in varying amounts for people in different age brackets. Let’s check it out. I bet you’ve been counteracting some of the requirements.

Learn now!

Sleep duration recommendation

Source: National Sleep Foundation

National Sleep Foundation
National Sleep Foundation
  • Bedtime and productivity

Whenever you sleep-deprive yourself, even for just one hour out of your required sleep time, you tone down on your level of productivity. So your sleep is directly related to your level of productivity.

Snoozing the alarm is a symptom of sleep deprivation
signs of a sleep deprived life

What this means is that if you are presently on a 60/100 productivity level with 3hours sleep and 12hours of work daily, then you are a genius that can do better.

Bet it that with 8hours of sleep and 9hours of work you’ll be able to achieve more.

This is one definition of working smart yea? I couldn’t agree more. Sleeping right (quality and quantity) improves your ability to think properly and respond quickly. It aids cardiovascular health, maintains energy balance, and heightens your ability to fight infections.

  • Sleep and brain power in children

Hey momma, let that child slumber away all he wants. If after reading this, you ever join a campaign against an ‘over-sleeping’ child, then I wouldn’t know what to say to you.

You checked out the list of daily required rest hours yea? That’s a lot of time, so yes, pardon them, they need it especially as it directly affects their brain power. Nobody wants an ‘olodo’ for a child now?

Research has shown that a child’s brain would have developed to 90 percent the size of an adult-sized brain at age two. And since brain development occurs largely during sleep what does that suggests? That a sleeping child has better tendencies of optimizing his brain power.

Faculty washington, chudleR.

Children who doze within the first four hours of learning a new thing have higher rates of assimilation and retention.

Baby sleeping
Sleep looks beautiful on them, but not just on them, but their brains too.

What is more? The hours that a child spends sleeping determines to a large extent her ability to take on cognitive tasks excellently, and it even easens temperaments.

Adequate slumber also aids language development in kids. A well-rested child will say ‘Mama’ fast. Babies who rest longer at night at 12 months have better vocabularies at 26 months.

You see the correlation between slumber and brain power in kids? Just Calm down and re-read this particular point. Let it sink, so it can cause an inside-out change in you.

Your kids will be grateful to you if you can internalize it. And each time you share this with a neighbour or friend, tell them you learnt it from Damibaks. I can do well with referrals, publicity, hmm, a mention will do!

  • 70% of sleep problems are not medically-induced.

Stop popping those pills if they ain’t working for you. Well, isn’t that the logical thing to do? If they ain’t working, stop!

The sad part of the story is that you toughen your sleep condition with the use of pills because over a while of using the pills, your body gets used to the pill and is able to overpower it, hence, it wouldn’t react anymore.

Beauty sleep
Beauty sleep

A sleeping disorder may be a symptom of a physical or mental health issue. Please see a Sleep therapist to know the exact source of the problem. But in the meantime, try the following therapy.

  • Be smart about what you eat and drink. Caffeine, alcohol, and sugary foods can all disrupt your rest.
  • Stay away from heavy meals or too much fluid anytime before bedtime.
  • Have a sleeping routine. Go to bed at a particular time everyday of the week (even on Saturdays) and wake up at a particular time too. This requires much discipline but it’ll pay off in the end. Our sleep habit or order is highly influenced by our biological clock.
Biological clock
Biological clock

Rework the biological clock to a particular sleeptime and waketime, and you’ll automatically crave sleep at these hours of the day.

While on some days you will have to just stay in bed staring at the ceiling or whatever you have up your face with slumber running far from you. Just stay in, these days are usually the early days of trial, they won’t last long. Stay in with your ear plugs, solemn music, a calm mind and a dark room.

See it as a tug of war between you and sleep, show your tenacity and strength by going to bed and waking up at a particular time every night, even though sleep didn’t come.

That sleep is a lousy bitch, over time, she would eventually calm down and concur. (Sleep should be a ‘she’ yea, I often hear people call her beauty sleep, so I just figured).

Like every other thing in life, you need patience to see changes and improvement in your restlife. Don’t be too hasty, give it time. Understand that progress is progress. That’s the only way to get anything out of this any process in fact.

You definitely learnt something new, so this was great value for your time.

Drop a comment, and I’ll love for you to share some other sleep myths that you have debunked or are still trying to validate.

And please share this piece across, let’s get the news out.


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    Okoro success
    May 7, 2020 at 12:16 pm

    Very nice scientific write up and I advice everyone should go through it as it suggests solutions for inability to sleep.

  • Reply
    Busayo Bakare
    May 7, 2020 at 1:03 pm

    I learnt a whole lot! My mum definitely owes me a thank you for all the days I overslept, and got to school late.
    But for people who work shifts, or have nocturnal job, how do they balance it out?

  • Reply
    Olasinde jamiu
    May 7, 2020 at 2:06 pm

    This is a beautiful write up, as most people are quite oblivious to the actual benefit of good rest and sleep!! Kudos

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    May 8, 2020 at 6:08 pm

    Beautiful ❤️❤️!!

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