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Ibrahim Magu arrested for looting

Since the 6th of June 2020, it has been noticed and brought to awareness the suspension of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission ( EFCC ) chairman of Nigeria Ibrahim Madu officially. This has aroused the attention of the federal government with the President fully involved in this renowned scandal. The man in person is currently under the siege of detention backed up with intensive interrogation of his administration that he has been responsible for since 2016.

EFCC Boss arrested for looting
EFCC Boss Ibrahim Magu arrested for looting

Ibrahim Magu arrested for looting

A few days ago Ibrahim made was brought to testify before a panel personally organized by the president himself of all the accusations and misjudgment he is entangled with; the panel has for itself the former Chief Judge of the appeal court Ayo salami leading and in charge of the necessary interrogation.

To the surprise of ears, the accused convict has been verified with other implications rather than the mismanagement of his office, but his fellows workers testified that all of the allegations were just mere and minor arousal; “he was only doing his duties according to rules and regulations ” says one of his workers.

Although all crimes and allegations have been released to the air, according to the presidential committee on the auditing of recovered assets, these were the conclusion of their interrogation and the major reason why Ibrahim Magu arrested for looting.

– Ibrahim Magu failed to renounce the fact that he has collected bribes from suspects he was supposed to convict
– He collided with few governmental officials to mastermind money laundering
– Ibrahim Magu refused to play his role in remitting the interest on one 550 billion that was recovered from money looting.
– Some cases stating his clandestine act of corruption are yet to be revealed but will be as the interrogation gets intense.

Ibrahim Magu was forcefully arrested by agents from the Department of State Services (DSS), after declining proper invitations from Ayo salami the leader of the interrogating panel. It is currently noted since his arrest, he has been confined in a detention center of the force criminal investigation department in Abuja.

Ibrahim Magu arrested for looting
Ibrahim Magu arrested for looting

Day by day, his life has been bounded by activities of interrogation for several hours of the day. Letters have been seen transcending from him to the Inspector General of police through his lawyer requesting his bail based on recognition but till now such request has not been granted. And the police IG as since denied claims that he is under his detention.

The matter was so thriving that the president was triggered to make statements on the case, so far the President has made two statements based on the report he got from the panel. He stated the suspension of Ibrahim Magu has been issued and the official appointment has been newly gratified by Muhammad Umar as the acting commissioner till when the case will be settled and the name of Ibrahim Magu cleared.
The second statement states that the accused is not immuned and is medically safe for the ongoing investigation.

A funny but true fact is that since 2003 that the EFCC has been established, all tenures of the candidates that occupied the position has never had a successful term, none to testify about; all have been dragged by corruption and valid allegations.
Stating from the first man that was appointed on the EFCC board as the head, nuhu ribadu by name during the term of olusegun obasanjo; he was an ardent fighter of corruption and politicians that were corrupt but after a while he was found in the clusters of corruption and was demoted to the police force, going into exile later on.
Other candidates namely farida waziri, Ibrahim lamorde then lastly headed by Ibrahim magu.

It hasn’t been given up to conclusion about Ibrahim magu case and therefore he will remain in detention.
As at now the investigation has been rounded up, still going on but if all allegations bounces back to him,finding him guilty; that solely means he will have no other choice to face the court of law.

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