Kellie Chauvin, Wife of Derek Chauvin; Former Minneapolis Police Officer, Has Filed For Divorce.

Kellie Chauvin is the wife of the former Minneapolis police officer who has been charged with the death of George Floyd.

Kellie announced that she is divorcing her husband and hence has filed for the dissolution of her marriage to the former police officer. She also seeks “privacy during this difficult time.” for herself, and family members.

Derek Chaivin and Kellie Chauvin

She wrote a statement stating her utmost sympathy to the family and loved ones of George Floyd. On the grounds of the murder case, she stated that she is “devastated” over the situation. This is according to CBS Minnesota.

In examination of the turnout of event, and the immediate action of wife of the former Minneapolis police officer to file for a divorce, there is a lot to be said about the character of the former Minneapolis police officer. His wife should know him the most, and once she is not able to stand by him at this difficult time and confirm his innocence, and is now even requesting a divorce, then he most likely is what his track record and restony of some close people paints him as.

Maya Santamaria, the former owner of El Nuevo Rodeo club in Minneapolis where Officer Derek Chauvin had worked for 17 years had this to say:

“What I am certain of is how aggressive Officer Derek Chauvin became when the club hosted events that drew a mainly black clientele, responding to fights by taking out his mace and spraying the crowd, a tactic she told him was unjustified “overkill.

“He would mace everyone instead of apprehending the people who were fighting, he would call backup. The next thing you would know, there would five or six squad cars.

“I told him I thought this is unnecessary to be pepper-sprayed. The knee-jerk reaction of being afraid, it seemed overkill,” Santamaria said.

“It was a concern and I did voice my opinion, but police officers have a way of justifying what they do.”

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