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Live in the Moment

Live in the Moment: Anxiety is never enough to live a successful life, it is good to have plans but exempt worry from your viewpoint.

If you have a five-year plan, live your life daily doing the little you can to achieve your set goal. It is always tiring to exhaust everything at a go.

Live In The Moment

The idea behind a new day shouldn’t be jeopardized because each day is coupled with its own strength.

Live in the moment

So if your plan is to have a successful marriage, then make your relationship a success daily. Something never comes out of nothing.

If you want to graduate as a first-class Student, the assignment is as important as the examination.

If you want to build a house in some years to come, your daily savings will go a long way.

Nobody gets there immediately, slow and steady is the journey of life.

The race of life is best run as a marathon you need to conserve strength to finish it. If you go on a Sprint you’re likely to vanish before your time.

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