Lockdown Lifted: 8 No-parent-needed Activities that Will keep Your Kids Busy

Lockdown has been lifted, and schools are still on lockdown. What is the plan? How do you intend caring for your children while you are away?

Hi, how has been work from home so far? I can hear you scream out the words Interesting, challenging, fun, stretching. Well, i’m so glad they have been all of these things to you.

But maybe my question didn’t hit home properly, I meant to ask how work has been with kids all around the house- yea, your new office.

Oh yea, wow! Frustrating to say the least? I can relate, I totally understand. But with the lockdown being lifted and schools still on lockdown what is your plan, how do you intend to get them engaged while you are out; while you are back at work.

Too many questions? Oh well, I’m sorry, pardon me. I’ve just been thinking about how parents will cope with balancing the demands of getting back to the office while school is still on lockdown and their little kids at home.

How to keep your kids busy with the lockdown lifted and work calling.

Well, a lot of us have made arrangements for friends to help out or nannies, neighbours or aids. But if you do not have it figured out yet, do not worry, I did a lot of thinking and was able to come up with the following;

  • Assign tasks to each child and attach a reward to it.

This will work well for children above 6 years of age. Channel their strength to a particular course of action and see how coordinated their day will turn out.

Make sure that this task has a bit of fun in it and that they feel useful and in-control while executing it.

  • Have them play a dress up game.

Provide them with costumes and let their minds run wide with ideas of how to combine their available costumes and look a part.
Let them make videos of the process and pictures of the eventual result of each look. This will buy you a lot of time and get them busy.

  • Get them indoor games

Games like Scrabble, Monopoly, snake and ladder, whot cards, ludo boards, chess boards, Ayo olopon, and a long list of other games will do.

  • Download a DIY video

There are loads of them on Pinterest and YouTube. Get a video on just about anything. From room decor to house painting, mural painting, kitchen maintenance, and life hacks.
Buy all the items necessary to execute your diy project, get the kids pumped and motivated to get on, and leave them to it.

  • Encourage a house cleaning project

Although children might not like the idea of cleaning, but you can win their heart if you make it fun.

Get them brooms, brushes, new wallpapers, toilet papers, detergent, and other cleaning agents. However you intend to deploy this, ensure that you do not leave your children to handle this on their own. Make sure there is an adult to monitor the process.

  • Boost their extracurriculars

Encourage them to learn the lyrics to a song or a dance step, to practice a new recipe or learn to play a musical instrument.

  • Gardening

Have them dig and cultivate all they want. But make sure that they stay away from dangerous garden tools. Depending on their age, you can buy tools made of plastic from a store close by.

While everything is happening so fast and suddenly, keep your cool and strategize well, it will turn out ok.

Just pick out these activities one at a time to keep your kids busy until you work out a permanent arrangement for them.

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