Madagascar Coronavirus Cure – ECOWAS’ Reaction.

Madagascar Coronavirus cure

The controversial Madagascar coronavirus cure has still not enjoyed endorsement and acceptance from quite a number of world stakeholders, even within Africa. Although it has enjoyed patronage from some African Countries, Nigeria inclusive, the cure is still not regarded as “tested and trusted.”

The Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, has dissociated itself from reports of its donation from Madagascar regarding the madagascar cure to coronavirus- COVID-Organics(CVO).

ECOWAS Commission and WAHO Refute Endorsement on Madagascar coronavirus cure- CVO

In a press release, the ECOWAS Commission made a public announcement of its non-association with the use and distribution of CVO. Debunking the claim that they “ordered a package of COVID Organics (CVO) medicine from a third country.”

“We wish to dissociate ECOWAS and its health institution, West Africa Health Organization, WAHO, from this claim and inform the general public that we have not ordered the said CVO medicine.”

It added that

“WAHO remained in contact with WHO, Africa CDC and other international stakeholders in seeking a scientific search for COVID-19 cure. WHO has warned against untested cures while the Africa CDC said it was in talks with Antananarivo.”

The ECOWAS commission however explained that its stalling support for the discovered cure was on the basis of clinical viability and testability. It stated that ECOWAS was only ready to support and endorse products with scientific tests and proofs.

It stated that as soon as the herbal discovery could be scientifically proven to actually cure the pandemic, it was ready to support and endorse the product.

However, the Malagasy cure has been donated to about 15-member countries of the ECOWAS community. This was disclosed by the Malagasy president; Andry Rajoelina in a national broadcast.

Guinea-Bissau had its first roll of delivery few days ago, several other countries have also began to take deliveries of the herbal madagascar coronavirus cure.

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