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Coronavirus: Minister for Employment and Labor Dead.

The entire Niger country has been plunged to national mourning as the Minister for Employment and Labour passed away on the 3rd of May at the age of 55.

Minister Mohamed Ben Omar, of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) died at noon, at the main hospital of the capital Niamey, with conditions surrounding his death undisclosed.

The Niger people have however been in grief over the loss of a prominent leader.

Late Mohamed Ben Omar, the former Minister for Employment and Labour, was born in the south-central town of Tesker on January 1, 1965.

He started his journey into politics quite early. began his political life in 1999 under president Mamadou Tandja. He served in several capacities in the parliament and even in various ministerial roles within the country.

Mohamed Ben Omar led the PSD, which is allied with Issoufou’s Party for Democracy and Socialism. Before the creation of PSD, Mohamed Ben Omar was part of the Rally for Democracy and Progress, the party of Tandja’s predecessor Ibrahim Bare Mainassara, who was assassinated in 1999 by members of his own bodyguard.

Niger has however recorded 755 confirmed cases of infections of the novel coronavirus, with 37 deaths so far. With conditions surrounding the death of the Niger minister, concluding that the minister died from novel Corovnavirus would not be far fetched.

Minister Mohamed Ben Omar | Free Surge Magazine

To think that the minister before his death was broadcasted urging workers to protect themselves from the coronavirus. He started during the broadcast that:

“Covid-19 is a reality, it’s not a state of mind. It’s deadly. It kills. It spreads at the speed of light,” Mohamed Ben Omar told the station.

“We must get a grip of ourselves in order to say ‘stop this virus.’ It is discipline alone that will be the weapon to destroy this virus,”

Mohamed Ben Omar

The government of the country already put measures in place to control the spread of the virus.

A state of emergency was declared as it also closed its borders, banned activities in places of worship and schools, and has cut off the capital from the rest of the country.

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