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Mory Kante : African Music Legend Dies Aged 70

West Africa’s Music legend; Mory Kanté has been confirmed dead in Guinea, yesterday. He died in the country’s capital, Conakry. His death was as a result of an untreated health challenge. He died at age 70, and is survived by his son Balla Kanté.

Mory Kante

Balla Kanté announced that:

“He suffered from chronic illnesses and often travelled to France for treatment but that was no longer possible with the coronavirus,” he added.

“We saw his condition deteriorate rapidly, but I was still surprised because he’d been through much worse times before.”

Late Mory Kanté was of one West Africa’s best-known musicians. With songs like Yéké Yékée, he brought African music to world audiences. The song Yéké Yéké raved the aired in the late 1980s. The song was widely remixed during the time.
He was infact one of the first musicians to get African music beyond the borders of Africa.

Music for Mory Kanté started at the age of seven. At a young age, he was sent to Mali to learn to play the kora harp, and that marked the beginning of his music career.

In the course of his music career, he discovered a unique sound by mixing his kora with electronic music.

During his lifetime, he was goodwill ambassador for several international organisations like Unicef, the FAO, and UNHCR. He also got involved in various humanitarian projects across Africa and in Eastern Europe.

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