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Movie Review: A Fall From Grace

A Fall From Grace Review

Directed and written by Tyler Perry
Year of production: 2020
Major characters:
Tyler Perry
Mehcad Brooks
Crystal R. Fox
Bresha Webb
Matthew Law
Phylicia Rashad

A Fall From Grace Review | Free Surge Magazine

Tyler Perry, a renowned movie producer and writer of mind-blowing and intriguing movies like Acrimony, and the rest has once again captivated his viewers with the release of his new movie ” a Fall from Grace“.

In the beginning we overhear a radio conversation about a woman who murdered her husband in cold blood, the debate was centered on her being guilty or innocent.
The case was handed over to Jasmine Byrant from the public defender’s office, she is a lawyer who handles plead deals. Jasmine is happily married to Jordan a police officer.

The defendant in question, Grace Waters a 45 years old divorcee with a 25-year-old son, She bakes, sings in a choir, and works in a bank.

Jasmine visited Grace in prison, Grace insisted on pleading guilty and makes a deal to serve her term in a prison closer to her son’s place. Jasmine smells something fishy, this led her to investigate further and she discovered that Shannon’s body was missing. On Jasmine’s next visit to see Grace in prison, she pleaded with her to give an account of the story.

In a flashback we were shown how Grace met Shannon at an Art gallery after being persuaded by Sarah ( her best friend) to go. Shannon sent an Art piece, a rose and a date invite to Grace the next day after their encounter.
They courted for 3 months which was the best moments of Grace’s life, Shannon proposed and they got married. Shannon began to show his true colors, he became a cold and calculative fraudster. Grace was fired from the bank for siphoning funds and she also discovered that her house was mortgaged by an imposter.

Movie Review: A Fall From Grace | Free Surge Magazine

Grace found out Shannon was responsible for the recent happenings, the last straw was when she caught him cheating, in anger, she hit Shannon with a baseball bat severally then rolled him down her basement. She called Sarah and confessed what she did. Grace was arrested.

After hearing Grace’s story, Jasmine convinced Grace to plead innocent but despite Jasmine’s effort she lost the case and Grace was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Jasmine paid a visit to Sarah, on her way she met an old woman she had seen in Sarah’s apartment and took her back to the house. The woman led Jasmine to Sarah’s basement where they were other older women held in captive. Sarah arrived and found Jasmine tied up in the basement by Shannon. Jordan received a message and went in search of Jasmine at Sarah’s house, he handcuffed Sarah and searched for Jasmine in the basement.

The use of flashback technique is very dominant in the play, Tyler took his viewers on a tour and kept them all in suspense by switching between Sarah’s present condition and what led to it ,He enabled the viewers to make use of their imaginary sensors although the plot twist was least expected and caught the audience unaware but it was the major spice of the movie

There was a tussel between Jordan and Shannon, Jasmine freed herself , shot Shannon and he was presumed dead. Sarah flees, the Police arrived to rescue the old women, Sarah and Shannon real names were discovered ( Betty and Maurice Mills).

The mother and son has been conning old women of their wealth and holding them in captive. Grace was discharged and acquitted.

The movie ended with Sarah (using a new identity) getting employed as a caregiver for an old rich woman by her unsuspecting daughter.

Tyler made use of the main character Grace to further promote the notion of ” no matter how big or small a man can be he can crumble to pieces within a twinkle of an eye” for all Grace cared she was living an average life and was expected little or zero stress at all but just am encounter with Shannon her life got twisted in ways she didn’t expect.

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