New Beginnings- Prepare, They Come With Challenges Too

The roll out of a new beginning is one of the moments to live for in life. The start of something new, a breath of fresh air, the spark of new hopes, new goals and prospects.

Seize every opportunity at a new beginnings.
Beginnings are beautiful

Yes! These are the direct externalities of new beginnings but I always maintain that to get the best of these moments and see them outlive our fears, holdbacks, past experiences, flaws and insecurities, we should always look beyond these externalities and understand the demands and toll that fresh starts take on us.

While it is easy to play deaf to the challenges that new beginnings bring; I mean the necessary adjustments, the feeling of not being enough, the tolls of handling new challenges and questioning your abilities, the extra hours of hard work and all, it is important that you ready your mind and get it prepared ahead of time.

Such is the case of a good friend who recently narrated the ordeal he was facing trying to get settled into the responsibility and demands of his new remote job.

New beginnings bring the feeling of excitement and hope.
The euphoria of starting a new course is valid, but not sufficient.

For him the idea of a remote job was a total new space, one he was glad about. I remember the spark in his voice when he shared the news of his new $50 per hour remote job. I was sincerely happy for him. You know, what a sweet new beginning.

The call with him was so magical. I have never seen Bolaji speak at such speed before. He was quickly running me over the details of how he’ll soon buy his new car, how he’ll be in control of his time, how he cannot wait to send his mum some money from his first salary, how he was going to eventually join the big boys of Lagos…

Bolaji went on and on till I had nothing but repeated ‘Oshey!!’ and ‘Boss!!’ Remarks to make.

I was sincerely happy for him that I was so surprised when only 2 weeks into the job, my friend had lost all the vibe and spark. He was already back to his complaint-mode, complaining about how he doesn’t think the job is for him. Apparently he’s been having a tough time settling in.

After the call with him that day, it dawned on me that new beginnings are sweet and easy, depending on the approach with which we take them.

New beginnings come with their stress too. 
Not all positive change feel positive in the beginning.
A little something you should know

I feel like if he had concentrated more efforts in prepping his mind about the ordeals he might most likely face, he’ll have been better equipped to handle the pressure.

So I realized that with new beginnings, the trick is to get in with your mind ready for the challenges, and you are half way through your onboarding process. This is a truth with new beginnings as it is with life generally.

A New baby, New house, New car, New gadget, Promotion at work, New contract, New body, New you!

Yes, they are all new, capable of bringing us those externalities that I have earlier discussed, but while you are at it, understand that even though they seem like what your life has been waiting for, they are not without their own pains and challenges.

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