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News: Hunde Shuga Arrested For Drugs

Hunde Shuga Arrested For Drugs

Hunde Shuga 2018

Hunde Shuga Arrested For Drugs use and possesion. 

Musician, Hunde Shuga, probably did not think his night was going to end up within the walls of  the police station, at least not for an issue as extreme as drug use or its possession. He had been returning from the studio at the early hours of 1:00am in a cab, when he got pulled over by Policemen around the Fela Shrine axis. On stopping his car, the policemen barely asked enough questions before concluding he was one of the boys coming from the Fela Shrine – as if that was ever enough reason to make an arrest in the first place. More so, they had assumed him to be linked to illegal substances even without any form of proof or evidence of such.

The Police are our friends”

Stops of these kinds are not uncommon in the state. After all, the Police is out to protect and by extension only doing their jobs. However, the challenge has always been the yardstick used by these officers in deciding who is guilty, and who is not. It was within the walls of the cell where the upcoming musician was held, that he was able to call his lawyer. 

Hunde Shuga, seemingly unnerved by the entire incident, simply stated that “The Police is our friend.” While Hunde Shuga was released only a few hours later, the story still goes to show how better metrics need to be employed by law enforcers.

The artist had been coming from the studio working on promotion strategies of his new single titled “Only Hunde Shuga” when the incident happened. The track which speaks about himself is an infusion of Hip-hop and afrobeat, majorly rendered in his native language, Yoruba. Not a debut from the artist but this song sheds light on who the artist is and what people should expect from him. It is expected that more tracks would come in succession by the musician. Hopefully, he wouldn’t have the same disheartening experience he had with promoting this track after with the others.

Hunde Shuga Arrested For Drugs possesion

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