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News: Hunde Shuga Deletes All His Tweets and Instagram Posts

Hunde Shuga

Hunde Shuga 2018

Hunde Shuga has deleted all his posts on Instagram as well as his tweets. This seems to be related to the hot new single that he’s about to drop.

The artiste who has released other songs like Fire Dey Go (2014), Shayo (2015), No Holiday (2016)  and most recently Only Hunde Shuga ( 2018 ) might just be following a tactic already employed by artistes like Kanye West and J Cole. 

J Cole changed his Twitter profile picture and his Instagram avatar just recently to a purple background which suggests to his fans that he might be releasing a “Purpule album” just as Jay Z did with his “Black album”.

We keep our fingers crossed and watch eagerly for Hunde Shuga’s sizzling new single

You can follow Hunde Shuga on Twitter

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