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Ogun State Coronavirus- Doctors On Strike Over Welfare Issues

Doctor’s on strike!!

Even in the midst of all the uncertainties and reign of poor health facilities during this pandemic, the Ogun state health workers have decided to deal us a bigger blow with the announcement of a strike action.

Coronavirus in Ogun State
Coronavirus in Ogun state

The Association of Resident Doctors at the Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital, Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria, have taken to the media to announce the commencement of their three-day warning strike action on Monday the 4th of May, 2O20.

In a letter addressed and signed by the President and General Secretary of the association, in persons of Popoola Mutiu, and Osundara Tope respectively, the doctors have explained the necessariness of a warning strike given the government’s ignorance of their welfare demands.

They stated that while they feel justified in taking on this strike action, they will, for the love of humanity exclude doctors working at COVID-19 isolation centre.

The letter from the Doctors to the Ogun state Government reads:

“We have a human face and we know people are the basis of our practice as medical professionals.”
“We shall, therefore, exclude our members working at COVID-19 isolation centre from joining the strike action. They shall not take part of the strike.”

With this being only a warning strike, they have promised to make reviews to their actions as soon as the government’s response to their action as been ascertained.

They have explained that their strike action is hinged on the government’s noncommittal stance on the welfare of their association members.

In their words:

“The whole house is very much displeased with the government on issues that bother on our agitations and welfare.

“We are perturbed with the non-committal response from the government despite repeated calls and letters to get their attention.

“There has been no commitment whatsoever from the government on the issue of appropriate remuneration, entry-level, new minimum wage, hazard allowance, and life insurance for our members.

“No response to the letter written by the national body of the Association of Resident Doctors notifying Ogun State Government on the aberration concerning the appropriate remuneration to her members at OOUTH.

“Despite the inadequate response of Ogun State Government to the health risks confronted by our members during this COVID-19 pandemic, our members went ahead to continue their work diligently in their various departments and at the isolation center.

“We were taken aback by the arbitrary change in only hazard allowance to be given as COVID-19 special hazard allowance to all health workers. The 200 percent increase in hazard allowance is just an increase from N5000 to N15,000 for just the month of April.”

This is the situation as we have it in ogun state, we hope that the Ogun state government rises up to this pressing challenge with alacrity and give it the attention it deserves.


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