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Pan Grilled Chicken served with Rice.


Pan Grilled Chicken served with Rice
Pan Grilled Chicken served with Rice


• Rice

• Grinded peppers (chilli, scotch bonnet, red bell pepper)

• Onions

• Minced meat

• Sausage

• Chicken thigh

• Oil

• Salt and seasoning cubes

• Herbs and spices

• Carrots

• Onions

• Tomatoes and cucumber as garnish

How to make Pan Grilled Chicken served with Rice

1. Parboil your rice and drain

2. Marinate your chicken and let sit for a few minutes before grilling.

3. Fry your ground peppers (You don’t need much for this), minced meat, and sausage.

4. Add just enough water to completely cook your rice, bring to boil then add your salt and seasoning cubes to taste as well as herbs and spices of your choice.

5. Add your rice and when its almost done, when there’s little water left that is, add your carrots and stir if you want your carrots soft you can add them earlier or with the rice I like mine crunchy

6. After stirring just pour your onions on top, cover, and leave it to cook completely. You can add other veggies, you can leave out the minced meat and sausage since you’ll be eating it with chicken just use what you have on the ground.

NOTE: When I’m using lots of veggies I stir fry them separately instead of adding it to the food directly then after cooking my rice I mix a portion of the rice with my stir fry and serve or put in my warmer or container. You can also serve your stir fry as a side dish with the rice.

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