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Pancake Common Mistakes- Tips to Making Yummy, Fluffy Pancakes

Heyyo! What is the plan? What are you having for brunch?

May I suggest some yummy, fluffy pancakes with a glass of chilled fruit drink? Oh my! the duo is heaven.

For me, Pancake is an all-time fav. The fact that it is easy to make, quick, yummy, and filling just makes it a constant go-to for me. But then, I often hear people complain about how their pancakes do not turn out as excellently as it should, despite the fact that they seem to be getting every trick right.

Well, let’s just say if you fall in that category, your pancake-making skill is about to get a raise. What do you say we get straight down to business already?

Below I’ll be making a list of five culprits that are most likely responsible for your pancake woes. Read through, I’m sure you’ll find at least one hack that will resonate.

Learn, and make your next pancake with much more confidence. Let me help you blow the minds of your friends away!

Pay attention to the quality of your ingredients

Pancake Common Mistakes- Tips to Making Yummy, Fluffy Pancakes | Free Surge Magazine

Sometimes, it is not be about the methodology, but the ingredients you use. Do not use flour that has stayed home for too long. Your baking soda, should not be more than six months old or you won’t have fluffy pancakes.

Flipping too early

This is another very important hack, and most pancake makers always get it wrong- The flip timing.

Fluffy pancakes

This singular factor is very important in the eventual turnout of your pancake.

Do not flip your pancake while you are still seeing bubbles. the ideal time to flip is when those bubbles pop and form holes that stay open on the surface of the pancake. If a bubble comes to the surface, pops, but is filled in by more pancake batter, hold on with flipping.

Don’t be lazy, even-out the very last lump in your batter

Fluffy Pancakes batter

You shouldn’t leave lumps in your batter, stir well until your dry and wet ingredients have mixed up well. While this is important, you should note that you do not have to take all the time in the world mixing it. If you over-mix, then you’ll run the risk of having glutens from the flour in the batter. And this will make for chewy rather than fluffy pancakes.

The key here is balance. I recommend that you mix with your hand for faster result. With clean hands of course.

For fluffy pancakes, do not make the batter in advance

Do not even consider making your batter an hour before you need to fry.

The longer the mix stays, the less effective the leavening agents get. Get your batter right on heat the moment you are done mixing, this will make for fluffy pancakes.

Cook with oil not butter

Cooking your pan cake with butter is nice, it gives it a special flavor, but then, the thing with butter is that it burns easily. To avoid crunchy, black pancake surfaces, just stick to the use of oil, or clarified butter on low heat. And remember to always wipe your pan off after every two batches or so.

Incorporate these tricks and let’s see how brunch will turnout. Make sure you make enough to ensure that the fluffy pancakes go around.

Since you cannot share us some of your pancake, do not forget to drop a comment about how it went.

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