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Party Jollof Rice With Local Brown Rice- Perfect Jollof Rice Recipe

I woke up craving jollof rice this morning and guess what I had it!

Not a big deal yea? Maybe when I share you how I made my perfect jollof rice breakfast from brown rice, you’ll know why I’m so super pumped about it.

You’ll agree that Jollof Rice is deserving of every of its hype, and it is such a pity that most people still have not mastered the art of cooking it.

Pinning down a perfect party Jollof rice can be very tricky, but once pinned, there is no limit to the wonders you can work with it.

Tips for getting the perfect party jollof rice

To get a perfect pot of brown rice party Jollof rice, pay attention to these rules:

Party jollof rice

The Type of Rice

Since you are using brown rice, you cannot afford to use long-grain rice. The best fit for a perfect Jollof is the short-grained type. Make sure it is clean and devoid of stones and chaff.

Perboil the rice

Let the rice go through a perboiling process before you actually cook it. This will help you take out chaffs, stones, and unnecessary starch.

Water quantity

Jollof rice cooks with steam not water. This is the more reason you cannot open the pot lid too frequently when cooking jollof rice.

Use equal quantity of water and rice when cooking your perfect party jollof rice. At the most, stick to a water, rice ratio of 1.5 cup of water : 1 cup of rice

The more steamed and less boiled your jollof rice is, the tastier and more ‘party jollof-ish’ it will turnout.


Cook your jollof rice on medium-low heat. Jollof rice on super high heat is nothing more than a pot of rice and stew. Use a foil to cover the pot before putting the lid over. This ensures that the steam is locked in.

The Color

To get the color of your party jollof rice right, pay close attention to your fried base and the tomato paste.

The color of the oil from the fried base, will tell you how your color will turn out. So to start out, once your oil is hot fry your tomato paste first until it is beginning to give off a burning feeling. Stir well for about 7-10 minutes before adding your freshly grinded pepper and other ingredients.

For fresh/ tomato paste ratio, use one heaped tablespoon of paste per 2 fresh tomatoes.


Because your brown rice can come off with this bland taste, you need to make extra efforts in optimizing the taste.

Get the unique taste of party jollof rice with your brown rice by playing on the basic seasonings and spices. Generously use bayleaf, tomato, onion, maggi, curry, thyme and salt, and other spices and seasoning, but be careful not to overdo it.

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