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Possible Lockdown Extension in Nigeria.

With the massive rise in the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases across the country and the people’s noncommittal reaction to most of the lockdown rules, a possible lockdown extension is imminent. Because really, what exactly would be our fate with the coronavirus?

Already, some governors have started threatening the reintroduction of a total lock down in their state. A lockdown extension if you will.

Governors like the River state Governor already issued total lockdown directives for some local government areas within the state while Governor Sanwoolu Babajide of Lagos state has more than once, intimated the state residents of the possibility of a return to total lockdown.

Rivers state on Lockdown extension

A lockdown extension is imminent in Nigeria

We should understand that staying safe is a responsibility we owe ourselves, one that we should take seriously, whether or not the government is enforcing strict measures.

Wash your hand often, stay away from the crowd, go out only when necessary, do not touch your own face, and protect yourself with a face mask.

You are more of your responsibility than anyone else’s.

Stay safe!!

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