Reversal on School Reopening Directive

Reversal of school reopening plans

The Federal Government of Nigeria, on the decision of the Minister for Education; Adamu Adamu has reversed its earlier plan on school reopening while stating the cancellation of the ban on school activities. On this note, the Minister has hence cancelled Nigeria’s participation in the West African Examination Council (WAEC) examinations that was scheduled for August this year.

The authorization of school reopening for candidates who are taking the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination SSCE, Junior Secondary School Certificate Examination JSCE, and common entrance examinations which was announced during the address by the Presidential Task Force’s boss on the formalities for the 5th phase of easing the lockdown has been revoked.

According to Mallam Adamu Adamu, the schools under the control of the Ministry of Education would remain closed until it is safe to execute school reopening. Adamu said he would prefer Nigerian students losing an academic session than to be exposed to danger.

The minister has also given directives to states who have vetted school reopening for schools within their jurisdiction to rethink their decision.

Adamu Adamu had this this to say on the school reopening directive

School reopening revoked

“I don’t know whether you journalists are misquoting the Minister of State for Education or maybe quoting what WAEC said and made it into a story. Schools under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Education will not be opened on August 4 or anytime soon.

“Our schools will only open when we believe it’s safe for our children and that is when the situation is right, not when the incidence of the infection is going up in the nation. I just want to make it clear. We will not open schools soon for examination or for any reason unless it is safe for our children, even WAEC. WAEC will not determine for us what we do. Schools will remain closed.

“Yesterday, we called on stakeholders who will tell us the situation and the way it should be done for it to be safe. While the meeting was going on, WAEC announced that they are starting examinations. Let’s see who they are going to start with.

“I will also like to use this position to ask those states that have already announced (reopening), I appeal to them. I think it is not safe. I feel responsible for all children, not just those who are in federal government controlled schools. Please let’s save our children from this.

“One infected child is enough to infect a whole class. When they close from class, they go into the dormitory. This is not the right time to open schools. I appeal to the states that have already announced to reconsider it.”

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