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See How The Russian Nurse With The See-through Protective Gown Was Punished

The hospital has finally reacted to the picture of the Russian nurse who wore a see-through protective attire in an all-male hospital ward.

The Russian hospital with which the nurse works has reportedly meted out disciplinary actions on the nurse who was reported to have worn a protective attire which showed off her underwear while discharging her duties in an all-male Covid-19 hospital ward, in Central Russia.

Russian nurse with See-through PPE

The Russian nurse works with the Tula Regional Clinical Hospital in Russia, and the hospital is about 160 kilometres south of Moscow. The hospital has promised to uphold medical rules and as a result, have decided to punish the nurse for non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing.

This punishment is coming through, although the male patients whom she was attending to had no reservations about her actions.

The nurse, whose identity is kept anonymous stated that the weather was too hot and so she couldn’t wear her uniform under the protective gown. She also said that she didn’t know that the gown was that transparent. Although her supervisors at the hospital were not buying it.

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