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Seyi Shay’s Instagram Account Deactivated!

Following the release of Singer Seyi Shay’s semi nude picture on Instagram two days ago, Seyi Shay’s instagram account has now been deactivated.

During the late hours of the day on the 21st May 2020, semi nude pictures of the Nigerian hip hop singer clouded instagram and this action met several reactions from fans and followers.

Although Seyi shay claimed that the account was hacked, with three of her semi-nude photos released by the hackers, quite a number of people found it difficult to believe.

Seyi Shay's Instagram account

Chief among her doubters was Shade Ladipo. Shade is a media personnel who believes that Seyi shay should take responsibility for the post and refrain from playing the victim card.

Shade on Seyi Shay's Instagram account

She insisted that there was no way Seyi was not aware of those photos.

“So I want to understand if your Instagram account gets hacked, did they also hack your naked pictures from within Instagram? I’m asking for my neighbour o,” she wrote.

“If you want to show us boobie and small yansh pls do like your mates and stand by it with your full chest. I’m here for the whole thing but please stop saying your account was hacked. We went to school ma.”

So following this development, seyi Shay’s Instagram account no longer exists on Instagram. It has been deactivated.

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