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The Angel Face Cocktail

Brightly looking, attractive yet deadly if overtaken. Don’t be scared, it’s only an appetizer made of a number of alcohols.

Angel Face Cocktail

    Angel Face is a cocktail of about 101 years old and it’s crawled its way through to one of IBA’s unforgettable cocktails. Although the origin of Angel face seems quite vague, it was motivated by the popular criminal Abe Kaminsky, who was known as Angel Face In Detroit, U.S.A. 

    History has it that the Bartender at Harry’s Bar in ParisHarry Mac Elhone—created the Angel face cocktail in commemoration of England peace day on the 19th of July 1919 in honor of winning world war 1. 

    The cocktail, however, came to limelight in a book—Savoy Cocktail Book—written by Harry Craddock in the year 1930. 

    Ingredients of the Angel Face Cocktail includes:

(1) gin

(2) Calvados

(3) Apricot brandy

(4) ice

    Measurements in preparing the Angel Face Cocktail

(1) 1.5cl of gin

(2) 1.5cl of Apricot Brandy

(3) 1.5cl Calvados

    Steps in making the Angel Face Cocktail

(1) Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker

(2) Fill with Ice cubes

(3) shake well over shoulder

(4) strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

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